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A Little Update on Life

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Hello all! I just wanted to write and let you know that updates (i.e. review posts) will be quite infrequent for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Mainly, because 99.9% of my sanity is under siege by my moving out to Chicago for the rest of the year. But I am planning a post on the skincare/beauty products I will be bringing with me- it’s going to be a really fun post, I promise! I’m going […]

My Central New York Vacation: Skaneateles, Lake Ontario, and gaining absolutely no tans

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Ahhhhhh, I had an amazing time visiting my friend’s hometown in Central New York. She lives in Skaneateles, a small residential area that is close to the city of Syracuse. I had such a great time, I really didn’t want to leave! I was so tempted to wave my Greyhound bus away and just camp out at the lake forever. I had to thank my friend profusely for letting me stay with her and showing […]