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Brooklyn Brand Spotlight: skinnyskinny organics

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Beauty / Brooklyn Brand Spotlight

One of my favorite aspects of the Brooklyn-made movement is the focus on active and effective ingredients. Yes, it matters that packaging is pretty and attractive, but its the quality ingredients and formula that matter more. Certified organic, fair trade, cold-pressed, extra-virgin, wild-crafted – these terms are something I look for in the ingredient lists of my skincare products. I’m incredibly excited to feature skinnyskinny as a Brooklyn brand that you need to know about! I believe skinny skinny has […]

Ecopique Box Picks

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About a month ago, I was recruited to take part in a very cool pilot program of a beauty blogger box service (cue spy movie music). Ecopique‘s mission is to make it easier for bloggers to find interesting green beauty products and connect them with the brands who make them. Ecopique is definitely something to check out if you’re an interested blogger so keep your social media ears perked for when they officially launch! I think […]

The Skincare Tag

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Honest Talk

The lovely Mary from Pure Makeup Blog tagged me and I couldn’t resist sharing some of my thoughts with you. Check out her amazing blog and read her skincare tag for smart tips. Thank you Mary! I had so much fun writing this up. DESCRIBE YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE IN 5 WORDS. Lazy but green and clean. WHAT’S YOUR SKIN TYPE? Normal to dry and pretty hormonal. I used to have an oil-spill of a face […]

Hitting the Skincare Sweet Spot

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There’s a very rare moment in everyone’s life when things are looking A-OKAY and even your skin is cooperating with all the new stuff you’re putting on it. I think I hit my sweet spot with my current skincare regimen and it’s looking pretty blissful! Also, this post really is a hodgepodge of things. If you are looking for more in-depth reviews and photos of the stuff you see below, have no fear! I am […]