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Beyond Skincare: An Introduction To The Detox Market

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  One of the things I love to do when I have the chance, is to visit physical locations of green beauty stores. I do the majority of my shopping online but there’s nothing quite like touching and smelling the products before you actually buy them. And mysteriously, I always manage to come out of physical stores with a lighter wallet. Hmm… I haven’t heard of The Detox Market until I read Jade of Nephriticus’s […]

Dark Side of My Nails: Essie nail polish in Licorice

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Honestly, I’m not huge on following nail color trends. I like my forever classy red, cement gray, and black shades too much to try other colors. In fact, my grandmother has more fashion forward nails than myself! She’ll be sporting electric pink nails and I’ll just be slightly scandalized because she has cooler nails than me. HOLY COW MY GRANDMA IS COOLER THAN ME! I like Essie in particular because it has a small enough […]