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The Last of the Jasmines

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Garden Beauts

Look what my dad left for me on my desk! Sadly, it’s almost time for our Jasmine flower plant to stop producing its flowers. This will be its largest bunch! My dad and I were ooh-ing and aah-ing for a long time because this was the most flowers we’ve seen in one picking. And after that, maybe only a couple of flowers here and there will be available for us to pick and enjoy. With […]

Garden Pick of the Day

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Garden Beauts

Tomatoes! Beautiful and lovely ripe tomatoes from the garden. Two to three of these tomatoes are already in my belly. *Cough* I stuffed them in my sandwiches and ate them just like that with a bit of black pepper and sea salt. Yes, the weather has been terrible here in the East Coast and New York City. It’s hot, humid, and awful. But I think I can endure when my garden produces vegetables like these!

Time to step back and smell the Jasmine flowers

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I hardly ever wear perfume on myself but I love being able to smell the fragrance of freshly picked flowers. I have amazing childhood memories of this enormous Jasmine shrub in my backyard that used to produce endless amounts of Jasmine flowers. It was absolutely fun to just take some flowers to leave it on the table because only a couple of flowers managed to perfume the whole room! Jasmine flowers are really delicate and […]

Garden Beauts: Natural Vegetable and Fruits from My Garden

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Healthy Food

I’m pretty darn proud of our garden. It’s not a particularly big garden by American standards but it’s big for New York City. Though we don’t have much land to plant things on, we make do with containers and planting pots. My dad likes to grow all sorts of plants but he mainly likes growing edible things. Over the past year, we’ve grown Fuji apples, tiny potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, beets, spinach, broccoli rabe, and even […]