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Brooklyn Brand Spotlight: skinnyskinny organics

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One of my favorite aspects of the Brooklyn-made movement is the focus on active and effective¬†ingredients. Yes, it matters that packaging is pretty and attractive, but its the quality ingredients and formula that matter more. Certified organic, fair trade, cold-pressed, extra-virgin, wild-crafted – these terms are something I look for¬†in the ingredient lists of my skincare products. I’m incredibly excited to feature skinnyskinny¬†as a¬†Brooklyn brand that you need to know about! I believe skinny skinny¬†has […]

Potent and Pure: Odacit√© Serum Concentrates + The Detox Market Giveaway

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The Odacit√© serum concentrates makes the two parts of me so very happy: the plant-based beauty lover and the science-junkie. Not only do I get to spoil my skin by the very best organic and cold-pressed virgin plant oils, I also get to know where and how each of those oils were produced! Using the nifty manual that is inserted in every Pure Elements packaging, I can find out the extraction method, cultivation method, country […]

Acure Organics Seriously Firming Facial Serum Review

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Hello there! I’m sorry I’ve been mum on the blog and haven’t been posting up new reviews. I am in the middle of writing a midterm paper so all I have is cups of tea and the last of my sanity slipping away. In a way, posting this review is furthering my avoidance of writing my paper but I hope you all like what I have posted up. Product: Acure Organics Seriously Firming Facial Serum, […]

Goodebox October: Unboxed

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Well, I got a Goodebox earlier than I expected! I was lucky enough to snag one even though I signed up past the deadline for the October box. Oh boy, am I glad I managed to do that. The October box’s theme is focused on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A lot of people have been bombarded with images of Pink Ribbons that scream “buy me” this month when the products themselves contain less than good […]

Introducing: Intrinsic Organics. Natural, Organic, and Homemade.

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I’m glad to feature Intrinsic Organics for those of you are passionate about supporting companies that are small, family-based and produce beauty products made by their own hands. From the San Francisco Bay Area, Kelly and Mike of Intrinsic Organics created a line of body and facial care products free from preservatives, chemicals, and without animal-testing. I believe they have the best range of body-care goods I have seen from a homemade brand. From sugar […]