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Single Goodebox Review

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Goodebox is a well-established $16 a month beauty box subscription that focuses on eco-friendly, natural, and organic skincare and makeup products. Occasionally, you’ll find a mix of healthy foods or certificates to eco-friendly stores that aren’t focused on beauty. Recently, they released a box called ‘Single Goodebox’ which gave those who weren’t subscribed a taste of what Goodebox has to offer. Because I have been following them for awhile and oohing and aahing at pictures […]

A Little List of Skincare Goodies I Hauled to Chicago

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I’m alive! I have arrived in Chicago and am busy figuring out where to get groceries, school supplies, and various knick-knacks. Honestly, since it’s my first time living alone, I’m shocked at how much things I really need to survive! I promised myself a limit: fitting my beauty products in gallon-sized zipped bags or medium makeup bags was a must. Well, we’ll see how that goes. Mostly, I ended up packing things I could not […]