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Unboxed: Goodebox November

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Caution: My hands are always slightly shaking with excitement as I type up my review of Goodebox. So this review post might contain lots of exclamation points and really rambling thoughts. This month’s November box is curated by Anna Getty who blogs about ‘healthy and holistic choices’ for mothers-to-be. This box however, focuses on holiday gifts and goodies so the timing was perfect! I was really pleased to see that all of the products she […]

Introducing: Intrinsic Organics. Natural, Organic, and Homemade.

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I’m glad to feature Intrinsic Organics for those of you are passionate about supporting companies that are small, family-based and produce beauty products made by their own hands. From the San Francisco Bay Area, Kelly and Mike of Intrinsic Organics created a line of body and facial care products free from preservatives, chemicals, and without animal-testing. I believe they have the best range of body-care goods I have seen from a homemade brand. From sugar […]

Single Goodebox Review

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Goodebox is a well-established $16 a month beauty box subscription that focuses on eco-friendly, natural, and organic skincare and makeup products. Occasionally, you’ll find a mix of healthy foods or certificates to eco-friendly stores that aren’t focused on beauty. Recently, they released a box called ‘Single Goodebox’ which gave those who weren’t subscribed a taste of what Goodebox has to offer. Because I have been following them for awhile and oohing and aahing at pictures […]

Review: Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish

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I don’t usually indulge in body scrubs even though I know people get really excited about them, especially during the summertime. Sugar, salt, almond, walnut, and dancing fairies (you never know) seem to appear in all sorts of body scrubs. Body scrubs are messy and they usually end up everywhere on my bathtub floor. But I do occasionally use Yu-Be’s Foaming Skin Polish Face & Body Scrub if I find my dry flaky skin too […]