About Me


Hello, beauty!

In the beginning, I envisioned my blog as a pure and joy-filled space in which I would gush about green skincare products that you can find in your local Whole Foods Markets and other approachable retailers. In many ways, my blog still is striving to be that pure space and it’s always evolving, just like my relationship with my skin.

In the past, I used to choose any affordable product that had the words “natural” or “organic” on them. But I’m getting pickier and demanding of the products I choose, no matter the price, and I think that’s a good thing ultimately. I sat down and actually read those ingredient lists!

You’ll see a better face from my blog and I from now on. The product reviews and brand spotlights may be longer, more in-depth, and yes possibly fewer because of my desire to be more demanding. But, think of it as me trying to be more honest and real in delivering the details about the good stuff out there! And I really mean it about the good stuff. Whether I find it at Whole Foods or from small-batch, handmade businesses, I am determined to discover the quality natural and organic skincare products that you need in your beauty rituals.

So, thank you so much for reading! I cherish all the amazing comments I get from my readers and I hope you continue to visit and fall in love with the things you see here.


Check out Organic Beauty Talk‘s feature on me for more information about my green beauty thoughts!



  1. Hi Marcella! So nice to find your blog (through twitter, actually). It’s always cool to find other bloggers with similar interests. I myself just recently turned into a skincare enthusiast when I began to suffer from adult acne. I also like natural and organic skincare products, and I like to focus on lifestyle holistic habits that can create beautiful skin from within. And yup, I also follow a beauty budget (ok, not always successfully). But looking forward to reading more blog articles from you!


    • Hi Kareen, you are so sweet to stop by and comment on this page. I’m not sure I follow a great beauty budget either (because how can you resist all the facial oils and skincare goodies that continue to come out everyday?) but I think I do well in balancing that and treating myself! I am with you- I still carry the scars of teenage acne and every now and then I get a flare up of adult acne. I wish you best of luck in your skincare journey and hopefully you find some goodies that work well for your skin.


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