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One of my favorite aspects of the Brooklyn-made movement is the focus on active and effective ingredients. Yes, it matters that packaging is pretty and attractive, but its the quality ingredients and formula that matter more. Certified organic, fair trade, cold-pressed, extra-virgin, wild-crafted – these terms are something I look for in the ingredient lists of my skincare products. I’m incredibly excited to feature skinnyskinny as a Brooklyn brand that you need to know about!

I believe skinny skinny has one of the most unique approaches to natural skincare. They go beyond the normal ingredients you usually see in skincare (essential oils, butters, hydrosols) and include herbal extracts in their products. I was raised on nourishing bone broths, soups, and teas that were infused with potent herbal extracts from ingredients like ginseng and chrysanthemum that my Chinese grandmas (both maternal and paternal) made. So, I’m a huge believer of herbal extracts and their effects on the general chemistry of skincare products.

If chemistry, herbal extracts, and facial oils excite you, then take the plunge and read on about my experience with skinnyskinny products!


(From Left to Right: Organic Anti-Acne Treatment, Organic Rosemary & Helichyrsum Toner, Organic Skin Serum for Oily/Congested Skin. These three products make up a collection perfect for oily/combination and blemish-prone skin types.)

The products:

1. Organic Skin Serum for Oily/Congested Skin ($76)

skinny skinny Organic Skin Serum Oily/Congested Skin

(The Organic Skin Serum for Oily/Congested Skin is a light-golden oil. It smells sweet and herbaceous, but not overpowering. It actually relaxes me when I put it on.)

Ingredients: Oils: Black Cumin Seed Oil*, Babassu Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Extra-Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Flax Seed Oil*, Red Raspberry Seed Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil* Extracts of: Echinacea*, Ashwagantha*, Lotus Leaf*, Hydrangea*, Dandelion*, Amla*, Calendula*, Arnica*, Chrysanthemum*, Hibiscus, Kudzu Root*, Holy Basil Krishna*, Vanilla Bean*, Aloe*, Nettle* Essential Oils of: Bergamot*, Helichrysum, Lavender*, Rosemary*, Carrot Seed Oil, Palmarosa, Thyme*, Patchouli*, Cypress*, Naioli, Chamomile*, Tea Tree*, Lemongrass*. *Certified Organic

The Organic Skin Serum is packed with oils that are known to be effective for blemish-prone skin. Black cumin seed, pumpkin seed oil, and evening primrose oils are all high in linoleic fatty acids (some studies have shown that oils rich in linoleic fatty acids are very beneficial to acne-prone skin types). I had great experiences with black cumin seed oil on my skin so I was excited to see it being featured as the very first ingredient in the Organic Skin Serum. Some of the Ayurvedic herbal extracts in the serum (Ashwagantha, amla, and holy basil krishna) are things that I have never tried before.

*Excerpted from my exchange with skinnyskinny on the amazing ingredients of the Organic Skin Serum: herbal extracts “brings different capabilities to the serum. So for example, Chrysanthemum extract stimulates microcirculation, which aids in oxygen exchange. It is also enhances that moisture barrier and softens skin. It’s the chemistry of these combinations that make the serums so different from other face oils available, green or otherwise.”

I have been using this Organic Skin Serum daily for more than a month and I love the way it balances my problematic skin. I still have half a bottle left so I can’t say it reduced the appearance of my acne scars but this serum is great at minimizing the amount of breakouts I get. It’s a very lightweight serum that sinks in immediately and 3 drops usually does the trick for me. Sometimes though, the dry parts on my combination skin beg for more moisture so I add 1-2 drops of another serum.

The Organic Skin Serum is one of skinnyskinny’s more expensive products but I think the quality of the ingredients justifies the price. As a person who is constantly battling with blemishes and hormones, I like investing in a facial oil that works effectively over time to heal the skin. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this calming and nourishing facial oil.


2. Organic Anti-Acne Treatment ($24)

Organic Anti-Acne Treatment

(The Organic Anti-Acne Treatment is a colorless oil. It smells intensely of herbal essential oils!)

Ingredients: Babassu Oil*, Niaouli Oil*, Thyme Oil*, Tea Tree Oil*, Helichrysum Oil*, and Lavender Oil*. * certified organic

This anti-acne treatment is potent stuff. Every time I apply the treatment to a blemish that is close to my eyes, they water immediately. But, any and all the tears I shed are worth it because this treatment works! I find that my hormonal acne and stress-related blemishes heal in about 2-3 days if I’m diligent about applying the anti-acne treatment. It doesn’t zap the zit to death overnight but eventually the blemishes heal and there’s no sign of scarring!

The only thing I dislike about this product is the packaging. The anti-acne treatment has a rubber orifice reducer that dispenses limited drops of product. In theory that sounds okay and fine, but when you actually do try to shake out some of the product, the product leaks unhelpfully into the side of the top. I found the best way to apply the treatment is to take a Q-tip, place it snugly on the hole, shake vigorously until the Q-tip is saturated, and then apply it straight onto the blemish. Whew, it’s a lot of work to get the product out! I wish the treatment came with a regular dropper or at least a roller-ball applicator so that it’s an easier job. Despite the terribly annoying packaging, this anti-acne treatment is something I would still repurchase. I love the fact that its affordable and it heals my blemishes quickly and efficiently.


3. Organic Rosemary & Helichrysum Toner ($24)

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Rosemary Hydrosol*, Witch Hazel (wild-crafted, alcohol-free), helichrysum hydrosol*, apple cider vinegar*, essential oils of rosemary*, helichrysum*, and lemongrass*, baking soda. *certified organic

The Organic Rosemary & Helichrysum Toner is heavy on helichrysum in both forms, hydrosol and essential oil. Helichrysum is known for being a great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient, so it’s great that its being included in a toner for oily and problematic skin types. While helichrysum is an incredibly healing ingredient, it’s also one of those scents that you either like or tolerate for its effectiveness. The combination of rosemary and helichrysum makes this toner smell very strongly of medicinal herbs. Sometimes, when I’m spritzing my face with the toner, the overall strong scent tickles my nose and I feel like sneezing. Achoo!

When I feel like I want a more effective blemish-healing toner, I reach for this one. I have to say, I’m not 100% in love with the scent but if you’re a fan of helichrysum, this is the toner for you!


Bonus product feature: Organic Styling Wax in Light Hold ($22)


(The styling wax is a semi-hard product that is golden in color. I keep unscrewing the top off of this product to smell. The subtle scents of citrusy lime, spicy clove, and black pepper makes this one sexy hair wax. It’s a very unisex smell but I don’t think I want to share it with a guy.)

Ingredients: hemp seed oil*, virgin coconut oil*, soy wax (non-gmo), candelilla wax, cornstarch*, essential oils of lime*, clove*, black pepper* and lavender* *certified organic

The haircare products at skinnyskinny are also incredible! The Light Hold Organic Styling Wax is a delicious-smelling product that is subtly scented. I didn’t realize until I tried this hair wax that lightly-scented natural hair products are actually really hard to find. Sometimes, I don’t want to smell like I have hippie forest fairy hair, you know? I take the smallest amount of product, let it melt gloriously all over my hands and scrunch it in my wet waves. No crunch, no frizz – just perfectly styled hair. It’s a winner.


The skinnyskinny products you see in this post can be purchased at their website:!

Disclaimer: The products seen in this post were given to me by skinnyskinny for review purposes. I only choose to accept and review natural and organic skincare brands that fit my beauty standards.


The Author

Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.


  1. ‘Rubber orifice reducer’ – what a technical term for that little thing! 😀 Sounds like great anti-acne skin care, and I love both rosemary and helichrysum! My skin loves linoleic acid too, but no rose hip for me.

    I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying this, but this combination: Kypris Beauty’s Clearing Serum + Dr Alkaitis Soothing Gel have helped me a lot recently.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I thought it was the silliest technical term ever too, Ru! I just had to research more to find out what it was exactly called. I’m so glad you found a combination that works for you! Will you have a review of the Clearing Serum soon? It sounds amazing! It’s so interesting to read about the things that work for different kinds of blemished-prone skin.


  2. These sound amazing! I would love to try the Organic Skin Serum for Oily/Congested Skin and Organic Anti-Acne Treatment as they seem very fitting for my acneic skin. Also the toner sounds great and the ingredients in all of these products are lovely! Thanks for the review, I’m definitely eyeing this brand.


    • Yes! I would definitely recommend you try the Organic Skin Serum and the Anti-Acne Treatment if you have acne-prone skin. They’re both very effective products and I think they’re both made out of great ingredients. I hope you get to try them soon!


  3. Wow the ingredients are amazing! My skin would love the Congested Skin Serum & the Anti-Acne treatment! I use a cleanser that has babassu oil in it and my skin loves it! Lovely photos too xx


    • Thank you so much, Amber! I’m thrilled that babassu oil works for you. It’s my first time using it and I really enjoy it now. The Skin Serum and the Anti-Acne Treatment are my two favorites out of the Oily/Combination set and I really think you would enjoy it.


  4. Hey Marcy – Love your review in skinnyskinny – We love this little company – and their body scrubs are to die for! An environmentally sounds company, too!


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