Potent and Pure: Odacité Serum Concentrates + The Detox Market Giveaway

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Odacité Serum ConcentratesOdacite Bl + COdacite Jo + L

The Odacité serum concentrates makes the two parts of me so very happy: the plant-based beauty lover and the science-junkie. Not only do I get to spoil my skin by the very best organic and cold-pressed virgin plant oils, I also get to know where and how each of those oils were produced! Using the nifty manual that is inserted in every Pure Elements packaging, I can find out the extraction method, cultivation method, country of origin for both elements that make up the serum.

Our skin is often much more complicated than just being “dry” or “oily”. Sometimes we need to address different issues like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and sensitivity. To make choosing a little easier, Odacité has this brilliant “Table of Pure Elements” where you can match up your skin concerns to the serum you need.

Because I have very acne-prone skin, The Detox Market recommended that I use Black Cumin + Cajeput and Jojoba + Lavender which makes up a package for pimple prone combination skin.

I’ll break it down to show you how and why these two serums might need to be in your skincare regimen.

The source: The Detox Market, of course!

The ingredients: I have heard of black cumin seed’s bacteria-fighting and healing properties for acne-prone skin so I was the most excited for Bl + C.  As for Jo + L, some of the serums I have used in the past had a jojoba oil base but I didn’t appreciate it fully until now. Jojoba oil absorbs really well in my combination skin, which is great because my pores get easily clogged with blackheads.

The packaging: The luxuriously dark violet glass with a bent spherical point pipette makes my heart flutter with excitement every time I use the serums! The spherical point pipette makes it easier to measure out one exact drop. With the regular droppers, sometimes I accidentally squeeze out too much serum and have no idea what to do with the leftover oil.

I was a little taken aback at how small these serums were initially. I thought would breeze through these tiny 0.17 oz/5 ml serum concentrates very fast but I’m so surprised that I haven’t. Despite their small size though, these Odacité serum concentrates are plenty nourishing.

The method: I have been using the serum concentrates as an “Intensive Treatment” without mixing it into anything for one month. After washing my face with a cleansing oil and spritzing on a jasmine mist, I carefully massage 3-4 drops of both serums (2 drops of Bl + C and 2 drops of Jo + L) into my skin. On days when my combination skin is more oily, 3 drops do the trick.

The combination of Bl + C and Jo + L makes an incredible calming aromatherapeutic experience, especially when I used them at nighttime. Bl + C smells earthy and slightly medicinal, while Jo + L is sweet and floral from the lavender essential oil. They are perfect for lulling you to sleep at night but they are also great for daytime too. The smell isn’t strong and fades away quite quickly if you’re worried about it lingering.

The results: Honestly, for the past two months, my skin has been on its best behavior. I had less cystic acne breakouts (other than period pimples) because of my gentle skincare routine and I was really happy with my skin! So when I started using Bl + C and Jo + L as intensive serum treatments, I thought I wouldn’t get dramatic transformative results. However, after an entire month of using these two serums, my skin feels even more healthy and more balanced than before (picture proof of what my skin looks like now is here if you’re extra curious). I think by two month’s time, my skin will look even better with the help of these two amazing serums.


And finally the fun giveaway part:

  Win an Odacité serum concentrate of your choice.

  Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here!

Details: Giveaway runs from Friday, August 29th and ends Monday, September 11th, 2014 at 12AM EST, open to international participants. The Detox Market is responsible for the shipment of prize. One winner will be chosen by random through Rafflecopter and contacted through email by Naturally Marcy within 24 hours after the giveaway ends. If no response is received from the selected winner 48 hours after the email is sent, another random winner will be selected. All information provided by entrants is confidential and will not be shared with other third parties.


The Author

Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.


  1. (Am I the only one who kept misreading it as “J Lo”?)

    I’ve heard the brand Odacité popping up quite a few time and I never really thought about mixing up oils, but it’s such a clever idea! Last time we ‘spoke’ I was dealing with a breakout similar to the Himalayas. Right now I’m in a much better place, though still with blemishes, whiteheads and hyper pigmentation –on a much smaller scale.

    The Black Cumin oil sounds fantastic. Fingers and toes crossed I’ll win and if not, I’ve added another product on my always-growing wish list, ha!


    • Dear Weng Yee, hah! Now, I’ll think of J-Lo when I use my serum. If you do win, I think the Black Cumin oil would be perfect for balancing your skin. Less volcano and Himalayan pimples!

      Make sure to click on the link and go to the Rafflecopter widget, okay? Your comment counts as 3 entries. 🙂


    • I can relate, too many products, so little time! It feels like my beauty wishlist is longer than my groceries list! And love the J-Lo reference, you are definitely not the only one who misread it. 🙂


      • Oh gosh, you are so right! I’m trying not to make my beauty wish list too long but everything is so tempting. Thank you so much for commenting again. 🙂


  2. The sensitive age defying combo looks enticing!! Thanks for the opportunity! This brand has been getting a lot of love lately and eventually I might have to break down and try it one day soon!


  3. I’m torn between a few! I think I’d choose either the Peach Cypress or the Passion Fruit Orange, since those sound like they’d suit my skin. I’m curious about the Black Cumin + Cajeput and Green Tea + Lemongrass too though…
    We have a Detox Market here in Toronto too, which is great. I used to work just down the street, but I haven’t been in ages, not since I left that job actually! Must make a point of visiting soon I think 🙂


    • Dear Caitie, I can’t believe you were so close to a Detox Market! It must have been a huge temptation. I’ve seen pictures of the Toronto store and it looks gorgeous too! Both Passion Fruit Orange and Green Tea Lemongrass are great for brightening skin so it’s definitely a tough decision. Good luck!


  4. I’ve been wanting to try of odacite for quiet some time. Everyone who tried them seems so pleased with the products, I have my eye on Peach + cypress sounds like a really good one for my skin, I don’t really get spots any more (touch wood) but skin still can get oily from time to time and if I start slacking I’m sure they would be back xx


    • Dear Tamara, thanks so much for entering! Do you happen to have a lot of large pores or acne scars? Peach Cypress is great for that, I believe. I’ll knock on wood for you too – stay away spots! Good luck.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The Detox Market is fast becoming one of my favorite shopping destinations! And I’ve been eager to try the Odacitè brand which I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about. I’d love to try out the Peach + Cypress or the Black Cumin + Cajeput for my acne-prone skin. Thanks for the wonderful review.


    • I’m so happy to hear you’ve been loving The Detox Market! Bl + C and Peach Cypress are amazing for acne-prone skin so good choices! Thank you for entering and good luck.


  6. caprinic says

    I’ve had my eye on Odacite for so long now and here’s yet another well-written review to tempt me further! I have quite finicky skin so it’s hard to say what would be the best to start with but from reading their table I think it falls down to either Camomile Camelina or Peach Cypress…but probably more the former! Thanks for sharing your experience with the boosters you got, Marcy =) xx


  7. Fathima says

    I would love to try the Green Tea + Lemongrass serum. A much needed product for my present skin condition. I could do with a radiance boost to combat my presently dull skin. A beautiful giveaway, Thank you 🙂


    • Hi MaryBeth, the giveaway is for a serum concentrate from the Odacite Pure Elements collection, not the private collection serums! Though, I do agree that A Summer in Hossegor sounds lovely.


  8. Thanks to The Detox Market I’m using Bl + C as a spot treatment now and it is seriously amazing! I’m so addicted to the scent too, can someone make it a perfume for me!? They also gave me a sample of Jo + L which I’m looking forward to break open. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I’d be interested in trying the peach cypress serum as this best suits with the type of skin I have and also give me a brighter completion that I do sometimes lack. I also enjoy the ingredients & scent.


  10. Awesome giveaway Marcy! I absolutely adore Odacité’s serums, and I just ran out of Black Cumin-Cajeput (my skin is sad now) so I should probably stock up on it, however since I’m living on the edge, I’d love to try Grapeseed-Grapefruit first 😉 xx


    • Dear sweet Liz, yes you do need to stock up or you know, win this giveaway! I was just looking at Grapeseed Grapefruit and it’s apparently great for acne-prone skin too. I love having so much acne-fighting options!


  11. Ineke @gogreenbeauty says

    Wow though choice! But I would go for the papaya and geranium one. Because of my hyperpigmentation due to my pregnancy. Never heard of this brand before. I’ll check it out more!


  12. christina o says

    Happy these oils worked so well for you, im still trying to find a perfect fit for me. Ive heard such good things about black cumin seed oil, would love to try that one out.


  13. ashtynne says

    I want to try the Bl+C and the Jo+L. Hopefully the jojoba and lavender will help with blackheads!Thanks for the awesome giveaway


  14. I’ve just heard about this brand! I really want to try it out since I’m trying to find more natural way of combating acne.


    • Yes! The Pure Elements will make an amazing addition to any routine that’s geared towards healing acne-prone skin. Bl + C and Jo + L would be great for you!


  15. OliviaW says

    Love Detox Market. Would love to try the Pa+G, Ac+R, and CaR — i work up and realize im turning 40 this year. EGADS.


  16. I have been eying the Odacite skin concentrates and private collection oils for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger yet… they all look so amazing I can’t decide which ones to get!


  17. Sara K says

    Wow what an amazing and super insightful review!! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Odacite’s serums and would looove to try the Black Cumin + Cajeput for my acne-prone skin!! 🙂


  18. Samantha says

    I love the fact that there is so many options. I am in Arizona and it is really a desert 😦 I am from Chicago and I miss the change of seasons and humidity. Since I am having a tough time with my skin being dehydrated and fine lines showing (eek almost 42) I think MO+P and MA+N. Not sure 100% because I also clog easily and get those nice hormonal breakouts grrrrr. Thanks for the contest!!!!


    • If you live in Arizona, yes, you definitely need some moisture. It’s funny you should say that about Chicago – last year’s humidity while I was at school there almost slayed me!


  19. I would love the Peach-Cyress for my combination skin, and also, I’ve heard that the Odacite Wild Carrot Serum is the best one in the market for that ever-longed-for glow 😉 Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve loved reading your blog for a while now, and can’t wait to hear more reviews.


    • Yes yes, I have a few samples of Peach Cypress and it’s a really lovely oil for combination skin! The way Odacite sources their Wild Carrot serum makes it the most luxurious thing ever. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for reading and following my blog. Good luck on the giveaway!


  20. Linda says

    I’ve been checking out odacite for awhile but haven’t tried it yet. The wild carrot serum sounds intriguing! This giveaway is exciting!


  21. Eee exciting! Odacite just became available in the UK at Content so I’m really excited for that as I’ve heard great things. I’d love to try the Jo + L as clogged pores are my main issue!


  22. I have been wanting to try the Odacite Serum concentrates, so this is a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for this and your amazing blog!
    They all look fantastic, but I think I would have to start with the papaya geranium serum concentrate to help with my hyperpigmentation.


  23. OMGosh! I just checked the serums they had available and they all look so exciting! I would love to try Ac + R (Acai Rose Facial Concentrate) or Po + R (Pomegranate Rose Geranium Serum Concentrate). Thanks so much for bringing Odacité and The Detox Market to my attention Marcy! 🙂


  24. I have the Peach Cypress and Black Cumin Cajeput. I would love to add the Grapeseed Grapefruit and Jojoba Lavender to my collection! And of course, I want (but probably don’t need) the Blueberry Jasmine. Because jasmine.
    Nice giveaway and review, lady! xoxo


  25. hello i have commented earlier but couldn’t find my comment so commenting again.Please excuse if you see my comment twice.Anyway i was saying I recently came across odacite beautiful skincare. The selection overwhelms me..The table of pure elements makes me want each of them. Of course :-)! i have always wanted something to treat my combination DULL SKIN with phases of breakouts and acne marks (my biggest skin issues ) so i am eyeing

    BLACK CUMIN + CAJEPUT SERUM CONCENTRATE and PAPAYA GERANIUM SERUM CONCENTRATE.I have way too many favorite green companies but I am still searching for the “holy grail” of skincare.


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