Beyond Skincare: An Introduction To The Detox Market

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(Photo courtesy of The Detox Market.)

 Doesn’t The Detox Market’s West Hollywood store look like heaven on earth to you? (Photo courtesy of The Detox Market.)

One of the things I love to do when I have the chance, is to visit physical locations of green beauty stores. I do the majority of my shopping online but there’s nothing quite like touching and smelling the products before you actually buy them. And mysteriously, I always manage to come out of physical stores with a lighter wallet. Hmm…

I haven’t heard of The Detox Market until I read Jade of Nephriticus’s wonderful blog post about her trip to the store in West Hollywood. And since then, I’m so in love with the concept of The Detox Market that I want to be in California soon to see it! Any California-based green beauty want to meet me there? So, an entire space devoted to high-quality non-toxic beauty products, detox teas, and juice cleanses? One word: paradise. Until then, I have to be content with perusing their website and dreaming about all of the things I want to try. Most of the brands featured in The Detox Market are luxury and high-end but I appreciate that they have affordable brands like Soapwalla (a Brooklyn favorite), Hurraw! (creamy and luscious vegan lip balms), and 100% Pure too.

I love the Detox Market’s philosophy about “detoxing” your beauty routine and other aspects of your life. The move from conventional “dirty” products to “clean,” “green,” and “detoxed” beauty products is a lot about choosing smarter and healthier alternatives. But choosing these alternatives doesn’t mean giving up gorgeous packaging and good ingredients. The Detox Market has curated an excellent collection of products that make your green beauty routine enjoyable and exciting. Having everything under one roof and carefully selected by discerning beauty experts, just makes the transition to a detoxed life easier.

There are a couple of brands that caught my interest when I was looking at The Detox Market’s website:

1. Odacité: I firmly believe that blended fresh with high-quality, active ingredients is something you should demand of your skincare products always. I love how Odacité is committed to only providing the best ingredients: cold pressed and virgin plant and seed oils so that the oils are active and potent. My stellar experience with the Bl + C and Jo + L serum concentrates (review coming very soon), made me want to try another serum concentrate, Peach Cypress (Pe + C) for healing acne scars. And the Spring in Tokyo serum (reviewed by the lovely kimberlyloc) is something so luxe and gorgeous, I could only dream about trying it one day. I mean, my birthday is technically only three months away, right?

2. Josh Rosebrook: I tried a sample of Josh Rosebrook’s Styling Cream before which I absolutely loved (hello, soft and shiny defined waves), so the rest of the haircare products are high on my list of things to try. The first four ingredients in the ingredient list for the Nourishing Shampoo reads like a pure botanical dream: vitamin infused organic aloe gel, distilled water, organic african black soap, and organic hempseed oil. As a chocoholic, I also can’t resist the siren call of the Cacao Antioxidant Mask.

3. mv skincare: I remember reading Lilly of Genuine Glow‘s review of mv skincare’s Rose Hydrating Mist and being so in love with it. Facial mists are something I have slowly been using regularly to prep my skin for my serums and I’m attracted to the ones formulated with the best active ingredients. The Energizing 9-Oil Skin Tonic contains two of my favorite oils for skin: Camellia and avocado oils, which are vitamin-rich and full of healthy fatty acids.

4. Treat Collection: Gorgeous nail polish is my secret beauty weakness. While I’m still hesitant to put pigmented colors on my face, I am very okay with putting on bright and beautiful nail polish on my nails. The Treat Collection has so many “5-free” colors (54!) that there has to be a shade that you will love. The shades that stand out most to me are: Smokey Nail, Statement, Date Night, Dinner With Friends, and Paris Paris. Is it super obvious that I love classic and glam red nails?

5. Kusmi Tea: Whenever I feel stressed out or just in need of some warmth, I always make a cup of tea. Nothing soothes a soul quite like tea! Kusmi Tea’s Kashmir Tchai was spicy and herbal goodness but I also would like to try their Rose Green Tea, Detox Tea, and Euphoria Tea (a tea named after intense happiness should definitely include chocolate!).

These five brands are only a small fraction of what The Detox Market has curated. I normally get more excited for the products than the stores I get them from, but I think the The Detox Market is special and fills a great role in the green beauty world.

Visit The Detox Market’s website and fall in love with their incredible selection of green beauty products. And don’t forget to check out their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page for more advice and tips about maintaining a stylish and detoxed lifestyle. The Detox Market occasionally features sales and discounts on their website, which is a quick way into my heart because having a green lifestyle shouldn’t have to hurt your wallet all the time.


Special Note: Keep an eye out for an extra special post, coming out later this week, where I review two brilliant Odacité serum concentrates and give you a chance to win one of your own!

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  1. I wish I could visit this store, looks Amazing!<3 I can't wait for your upcoming review, I'm testing some other products at the moment but I can't wait to try out my Odacite samples! 🙂 xx


      • Ashley Kuntz says

        Yeaah! I really hope I get the chance to try it! Ive been mega stressed out since moving from OP to Missouri…oh mah goodness girl!! 😉


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