Green Beauty Adventures: A Trip to Meow Meow Tweet

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If you have been following me for awhile, I think I make no secret that I am completely in love with everything Meow Meow Tweet makes. Evidence in the form of written words and photos can be seen herehere, and here. But, I don’t think I can take nearly enough pictures to show you how so many of Meow Meow Tweet products find themselves in my routine. My skin adores them.

From the sweet packaging, to the organic plant-based ingredients, and the affordable prices, Meow Meow Tweet has created a line of products that keeps me wanting to try everything they make. And it’s absolutely thrilling that I see so many other green beauty enthusiasts discovering Meow Meow Tweet and feeling that way too.

I have to be completely honest here. The best part about being a green beauty blogger (other than trying out products), is the very excited, very capslock-y e-mail exchanges with brands. I love being able to connect with a brand and let them know what I loved about their products, if I don’t get the chance to review them here. But I never really expect to meet the faces behind the brands and talk to them in person. And so, I nearly deleted the e-mail conversation between Tara and I out of surprise and excitement when she invited me to pop into their studio and have tea with her and Jeff.

Meow Meow Tweet

(Current Meow Meow Tweet favorites: Repair Balm, Facial Oil, and Body Oil in Lavender Lemongrass.)

I made my way from Bensonhurst to Meow Meow Tweet’s new studio in Bushwick on a very cold and blustery day. I was cold and wanted shelter so badly, I nearly bowled over Jeff as I made my way in and he made his way out. Fun fact: I’m really good at making introductions. After getting inside and successfully not hurting anybody, I sat down to hot tea and vegan macaroons. Yum!

As much as I am intimidated to talk to “very important beauty people,” I didn’t feel that way at all chatting with Jeff and Tara. I think I had one of the most funny and refreshing conversations ever. And we managed to talk about nearly everything: how amazing the green beauty community is, makeup and being bad it (Tara and I), people who have enviously good skin (Jeff), food, and cats of course. More fun facts: Jeff and Tara also create, sculpt, and display their art when they have spare time! I already thought they were cool for making vegan skincare but they just got infinitely cooler in my books. 

MMT: Jeff + Tara

(The cool cats behind Meow Meow Tweet. Jeff and Tara.)

Tara + Me

(Photographic proof that I’m not an internet bot! Taken by Tara and seen on MMT’s instagram.)

I got the official studio tour of course. There are lots of long wooden tables to work on and boxes were stacked here and there. And despite the industrial-like setting, there was lots of lovely sunlight streaming through the windows of the studio. I got to see the shelf of essential oil jugs (yep, jugs!), a huge box of shea butter, and rows and rows of their colorful labels.

And though I loved every inch of the neat studio, I think my top favorite part of Meow Meow Tweet’s studio would be the soap shelf as you can see in the picture below. I stood there and smelled all of them while Tara described to me in detail what each kind of bar was supposed to be. In-between sniffs, I began to wonder which one I should try after I finish my bar of Grapefruit Mint soap at home. My answer after being in olfactory heaven: all of them. But especially, the Lavender Lemon bar because I love citrus-fragranced soaps the most!

(Rows and rows of delicious-smelling soaps waiting to be wrapped up and delivered to you.)

(Rows of delicious-smelling soaps waiting to be wrapped up and delivered to you.)

I am beyond grateful that I had the chance to meet the duo behind Meow Meow Tweet. I came away with the feeling that so much love and smart-thinking goes into this brand and I’m in awe that Jeff and Tara could craft such great products in their little studio. I remember Tara telling me that sometimes, because Meow Meow Tweet is really just two people, they would end up whipping a batch of products right there to-order. So what you end up getting is incredibly fresh (a word that usually applies to food) and made-with-care skincare products. And it’s even more exciting to hear Jeff and Tara talk about the products they have in development and whose formulas they are still tweaking. I absolutely cannot wait to see and try what new products they come up with!

In the end, what you should have gotten from reading all of this is: Meow Meow Tweet is just fantastic organic and vegan skincare made by two very funny, artistic, and good people. So, take the plunge and check them out!


The sincerest thanks to Jeff and Tara for letting me visit their new studio. I was a fan before, but now I’m an even bigger one.

Meow Meow Tweet’s incredible vegan and small-batched products can be purchased here:


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Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.


  1. The place looks lovely! I’ve yet to try anything from MMT, and I think their brand name is so cute! It’s really nice to be able to connect with brands on a personal level, and you even got to visit them in person! ❤


  2. Sounds like such a fun day! Thanks for writing about your experience inside MMT, I felt like I was there 🙂 I’ve always admired MMT for being such an awesome, transparent company and with fab founders! I really want to try that new Repair Balm and more of their awesome soaps!


    • Thank you for reading Kasey! I had an incredible time meeting Jeff and Tara. As for the Repair Balm, it’s such a great multi-purpose balm. It has a sweet, slightly medicine-like fragrance and I used it on my sore, flaky nose when I had colds this winter. I want to try more of their soaps too!


  3. michellegoesnorth says

    What an awesome experience! I think I would enjoy the soap shelf, too! And looking at all those colorful labels…what a fun working environment!


  4. How awesome is it that you got to visit them… seriously love their brand, artwork, what they stand for- and everything else! TOO adorable- good for you! Looks like you had fun :0) Now…. let me put my credit card away until NEXT month so I don’t overdue it this month… whew… always a challenge! Wishlist! Thanks for the post!


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, Kathryne! Meow Meow Tweet is pretty affordable but I don’t want you to overdue on your card either! If you end up trying MMT, come back and let me know what you end up loving.


  5. Absolutely loved this post! I completely agree with you, it’s such a unique experience and a great pleasure to be able to connect with the founders of great green brands. Looks like you had a blast and I love how you break down your impressions Marcy, so entertaining 😉 Now you really make me want to try Meow Meow Tweet! x


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