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About a month ago, I was recruited to take part in a very cool pilot program of a beauty blogger box service (cue spy movie music). Ecopique‘s mission is to make it easier for bloggers to find interesting green beauty products and connect them with the brands who make them. Ecopique is definitely something to check out if you’re an interested blogger so keep your social media ears perked for when they officially launch!

I think I might be the most difficult kind of agent (cough) green beauty person to please. After thorough perusal of a product’s ingredient list,  smell, texture, functionality, and price are all things that need to be agreeable to me too.  There are two products out of the six in the box that fit my product criteria well and I feel good about sharing them with you.

Pick No. 1: Primal Pit Paste : Thyme & Lemongrass

Primal Pit Paste

Primal Pit Paste Uncapped

From the name alone, Primal Pit Paste sounds like a winner. And by looking at the ingredient list (shea butter, arrowroot powder, coconut oil), I knew it would work well on me and I dug into with gusto! The texture of the deodorant is lightly creamy, not gritty at all, and blends in easily like a moisturizing balm when applied. Another thing I like about the Primal Pit Paste, is that the thyme and lemongrass fragrance makes me smell like clean, fresh herbs even after sweating profusely.

Honestly, it won’t replace my favorite natural deodorant just yet, but I like the formula of the Primal Pit Paste and it could be my backup option for deodorant needs.

But can we talk about how cool is that Primal Pit Paste makes different formulas (with varying amounts of baking soda) of their natural deodorants? They have an unscented, kids, light, regular, sensitive, and strong formula! If you’re one of those people who swear off wearing baking soda-based natural deodorant because it might cause rashes or irritation, the sensitive Primal Pit Paste might end up working for you. Lots of kudos to Primal Pit Paste for going above and beyond as a brand, making natural deodorants that can work with just about everyone’s individual body chemistry.

Take the plunge:

Pick No. 2: Angel Face Botanicals : Lavender & Aloe Balancing Facial Toner

Angel Face Botanicals Lavender & Aloe Balancing Facial Toner

Angel Face Botanicals Lavender & Aloe Balancing Facial Toner Ingredients

For its practical usage, this aloe juice toner works as a good base product for my moisturizer. Somehow, my skin is just happier when I take a little bit of time to mist or apply a toner before I put on my facial oil. I get less dry flaky patches and the facial oil sinks in better.

Because I’m so sensitive to the experience particular scents and fragrances give me, I absolutely have to love a toner’s fragrance before I purchase it. I test and test until I find one that matches my skin type and also smell good. Angel Face Botanical’s Lavender & Aloe Toner has a very strong sweet and floral fragrance – I can smell it lingering cloyingly in my room after application. But what keeps me from dismissing the toner is the hint of organic wild blueberry extract in the toner’s finish. I misted the toner multiple times and disliked the overall smell but that blueberry extract keeps drawing me back in. I’m torn!

I just can’t love the fragrance of this particular toner. But I won’t deny it – the ingredient list looks great, the price too ($10 for a 2.2 oz bottle), and works well with my skin! Alas, it’s a great toner but my nose disagrees.

Take the plunge:


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  1. I was so curious to hear which other bloggers were part of the super secret pilot program! 😉 Loved your review! (Reminds me I need to get on writing mine…) The scent of Pit Paste you received is way cooler than mine (I got Lavender) but I agree it’s a great product and an admirable brand. I loved discovering new green brands/products. How awesome is Ecopique? 🙂


    • Oh hello fellow secret agent Kasey! I thought Ecopique was a very fun program and I really enjoyed the box. Did you not like the Lavender deo? I’m also curious if you got the same toner as I did!


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