Cheers for a New Year!

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No, you won’t hear any new years resolution from me in this post! Instead, I want to wish each and everyone of you who read, commented, subscribed through email, got excited over green green beauty with me on Twitter, the warmest and most joy-filled New Year ever. Thank you so much for your support! I can’t stress how much I enjoy being in the green beauty community and every interaction with all of you green beauty enthusiasts makes me fall in love even more.

I had an incredible year of discovering new brands that I would fall in love with like this brand in particular and went to incredible green events like this one. But most of all, I found out that winter brings out the best in my skincare routine, so I made sure to find the best in moisturizing and exfoliating. Also, I made some interesting splurges in luxury green beauty like this gem of an eye serum, that made me re-evaluate my skincare philosophy a bit. But in a good way!

I know many cannot resist the lure of seeing what people keep in their collection or nightstand, so I decided to share with you mine! I refer to my nightstand lovingly a lot and when I arrange things, I make sure to annoy my family by showing them the tour. It holds all of the products that I use constantly and some products that I am currently testing. Spot any of your favorites?

La Collection

I see blank spaces, do you see blank spaces on my nightstand that I should fill up? Any new brands I must must try in 2014? Well, let me know in the comments or by tweeting me on Twitter!



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Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.


  1. Kelly says

    You have a lot of beautiful green products! I love my collection too, grew a lot this past year. If I were you I would add pai rosehip oil in one of your blank spaces.


    • Thank you Kelly! I haven’t been introduced to Pai yet but I did hear lots of great things about the Rosehip Oil! I definitely will think about adding it to my collection.


  2. I think you would love Celtic Complexion! I just did a best of Green beauty 2013 post about skincare. I have a 35 percent off discount code for Celtic Complexion if you want it! I had never heard of Meow Meow tweet and you have inspired me to try it! Thank you!


    • I’m so glad you decided to check out Meow Meow Tweet! They are personally my favorite local brand to purchase from. You can’t go wrong with MMT soaps, candles, and personal care items (all vegan!). As for Celtic Complexion, thanks so much for the suggestion! I’ll let you know if I need that discount code.


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