Simple and Effective : Dr. Sponge Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Sponge Review

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Product: Dr. Sponge Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Sponge, 0.3 oz dry sponge.

Ingredients: Konjac-mannan (glucommnnan), Water, Aloe Vera

Ahh, konjac sponges. How are you so soft, biodegradable, and packed with all the good stuff (vitamins, minerals, natural plant nutrients) for our face and body? I’m thrilled to introduce the Dr. Sponge facial cleansing sponge as a simple, effective, and affordable product that you definitely NEED in your skincare routine.

There is an incredible array of colorful Dr. Sponges to suit every facial skin care type. The Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Sponge is recommended for dry skin (which I have!). I can’t say enough about how wonderful Aloe Vera is as a skincare ingredient. My mom used to keep a small fresh pot of it so she could rub it’s goo-like juice on her severely chapped hands.


The Aloe Vera Dr. Sponge right out of the box.

Dr. Sponge Aloe Wet

An adorable and softened Dr. Sponge. So plump, so green!

A handy tip for “activating” your Dr. Sponge sponge for the first time: instead of running your sponge under the faucet and waiting for it to plump up, get a clean bowl and fill it with warm water instead! Let your Dr. Sponge float in the warm water and use your hands to dunk it until it’s fully softened. I find that the first soaking takes the longest and using this bowl method will save you a bit of water. And after this, using the Dr. Sponge is a breeze!

Another good idea: hang your Dr. Sponge someplace far away from the bathroom. Bathroom germs, you know?

The Dr. Sponge is incredible at cleansing and gently exfoliating your face without any extra cleansing product. It’s soft yet scrubby, natural texture is somehow able to remove the stubborn blackheads that refused to leave my nose and large pores on my T-zone. I’m still pinching myself about this! Take that blackheads!

I love that the Aloe Dr. Sponge is kind to my dry skin and does not leave my skin parched in any way. I get that tingly, freshly massaged feeling on my face after use. Of course, I follow up my routine with some of my favorite facial oils and toner which I believe sink in better because of my Dr. Sponge.

As for my nighttime regimen, I use the smallest dab of cleanser on my sponge to remove my makeup. The shape and texture of the Dr. Sponge is able to spread the cleanser much more evenly than fingers. I am currently using RMS Beauty’s “un” cover-up makeup, which has light coverage, and a little bit of cleanser with my Dr. Sponge is able to remove it very well.

From face to body, and even a travel-size Sponge to Go in the works (which Dr. Sponge also has sent me and I can attest to the fact that they’re adorable), they’ve got you covered. Once fully dry, the Dr. Sponge is extremely light, good for about 3-4 months of daily use if you keep it clean, and perfect to take with you on your adventures.

I love my Dr. Sponge and it works incredibly well for me. I admit that I love the sponge so much, I’ve already purchased the Pearl Powder Dr. Sponge (for uneven skin tone) so I can benefit from its brightening and revitalizing powers! So, I hope you get to try out Dr. Sponge’s facial cleansing sponges and love them too!

See the Dr. Sponges at The facial cleansing sponges retail for $8.50 USD.

*This product was generously sent by Dr. Sponge for review purposes. All the opinions expressed in this post are mine.


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  1. Thanks, for sharing this lovely and informative review . I am for sure going to check this sponge out and I think it will makes a great addition to my traveling bag. thanks again


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