Hitting the Skincare Sweet Spot

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There’s a very rare moment in everyone’s life when things are looking A-OKAY and even your skin is cooperating with all the new stuff you’re putting on it. I think I hit my sweet spot with my current skincare regimen and it’s looking pretty blissful! Also, this post really is a hodgepodge of things. If you are looking for more in-depth reviews and photos of the stuff you see below, have no fear! I am planning to do exactly that very very soon.


My babies from L-R: La Bella Figura’s Daily Elements Defense Face Oil, La Bella Figura’s Cold-Pressed Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Stark Skincare’s Cypress Purity + Defense Oil, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn’s Exfoliant, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn’s Toner.

I used to be a “slap water and a dab of cream” kind of girl in the past. However, since discovering facial oils, my entire skincare regimen has changed completely. Now, I actively enjoy the short zen-like moment in which I can rub delicious smelling facial oils on my face. So yeah, I have three facial oils I am completely in love with right now:

I don’t lie when I say that I reach for La Bella Figura’s Daily Elements Defense Face Oil when I feel the need for antioxidant protection from New York City’s polluted city environment and air. The Daily Elements Defense Oil is a powerhouse of a facial oil. It is crafted with carefully selected wild-crafted and C02 oils to treat and nourish your skin with rich Omega 3 and 6 oils, vitamins, and an assortment of acids from alpha hydroxy to linoleic. Sometimes I get shivers looking at how amazing the ingredient list is! It’s kind of hard to duck those invisible and scary free radicals floating in the air, but I feel much better that I have the Daily Elements Defense Face Oil to protect me. Plus, it smells incredible with the help of rosehip and jasmine essential oils.

And to backup the Daily Elements Defense Face Oil’s antioxidant properties, I have La Bella Figura’s Barbary Fig Seed Oil on hand too! I have an older bottle of the oil that I picked up awhile ago and it’s taking me a long time to finish it, but that’s because I’ve been treating each drop like liquid gold. I reach for the Barbary Fig Seed Oil over my regular bottle of argan oil the most in the winter months because it’s just so intensely hydrating.

Stark Skincare’s Cypress Purity + Defense Oil is a no-fuss facial oil with great ingredients and I love it for exactly that reason.  Just by looking at the  the argan oil, sweet almond oil, and the bergamot oil in its ingredient list, I knew I would love it as a daily facial oil.  Its earthy and lightly-citrus scent is really appealing and pleasing too!


S.W. Basics of Brooklyn’s toner.

This pungent little gem of a toner from S.W. Basics of Brooklyn is doing such good things for my blemish-prone skin. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen cystic acne pop up on my face and that’s how it should be! I view this toner as more of a treatment-toner than anything else. For one thing, the fragrance of this toner is quite strong (apple cider vinegar, yeah?) and I like applying this at night when I don’t mind smelling like vinegar!


Dr. Sponge Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Sponge.

There is a new sponge in my life. Dr Sponge’s Aloe Facial Cleansing Sponge is a delightfully green konjac sponge with aloe. I have used it alone with just a bit of warm water and I love how it doesn’t aggravate my acne or blemishes. Instead, I’m left with soft facial skin and I only need about 1-2 drops of facial oil to moisturize my skin. I haven’t used this sponge to remove makeup yet but I’m planning to soon. So look forward to my full review of this sponge soon!

So enough about my face. My body needs some pampering too you know?

osmia organics soap

Osmia Organics soap trio. From L-R: Ylang Spring, Lavender Pine, Vetiver Grey.

Osmia Organics was incredibly nice to send me this mini soap trio for me to try out when I ordered their Sunset Body Oil. While I can’t wait to write up a review for that body oil and share how amazing it is, these handmade soaps are delights themselves. My in-shower experience with these soaps was incredible. I get that typical organic soap sensation on my body (a gentle sheen of oils from the olive oil, shea butter, and other oils) that is highly moisturizing. No soul and hydration-sucking lather ever appears here. All three of the soaps have that really powerful earthy, herbaceous, I’m-showering-in-the-forest, kind of smell. My little brother (who uses Dial soap) loves the Vetiver Grey soap because it smells MANLY. It’s little brother-approved and not offensive to men. The more you know!


Jasmine flowers from the garden

I know jasmine flowers have very little to do with skincare but I just love taking pictures of the ones my Dad picks out for me!

So, now it’s time for me to ask you something! Have you hit that unicorn-rare skincare sweet spot in your life yet? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @naturallymarcy on Twitter.


The Author

Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.


  1. Great post! I loved reading about your skincare picks and I’ve also become obsessed with facial oils too 🙂 I really want to try a Dr. Sponge’s cleansing sponge, do you use it every day? Wondering how most people use it in their routine.


    • Thank you so much! I love it when people tell me facial oils are winning them over! As for my Dr. Sponge routine, I’m using it every other day and sometimes at night just by itself (no cleanser) when I want my La Bella Figura facial oils and toner to skin in to my skin better. If you get a Dr. Sponge, let me know 😉 I’d love to know what your experience was. Thanks again for stopping by!


  2. Love these picks! I too have been using LBF Daily Elemental facial oil, it’s packed with anti-oxidants that I just feel good about using. I actually mistook it for a ‘heavy oil’ at first, but I can’t believe how well and quick it absorbs. Actually, after coming home from a long day, I splash my face with water and apply another drop of this oil and it is the most soothing thing I can put on, on my face!

    I really want to try the SW Basics toner. That good, eh? Do you smell any hint of Clary Sage?



    • Thank you asti! I agree, the LBF Daily Elements Defense Facial Oil is not a heavy oil at all. I absolutely love it.

      Honestly, my nose can’t pick up anything other than the Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and a hint of Witch Hazel in the S.W. Basics toner. It’s overwhelmingly vinegar-y. However, it keeps my cystic acne away and I can’t complain about that!


  3. Beautiful routine you’ve got going there! I love it when you get those glowing skin mornings day after day, have to cherish it whilst it lasts!

    Mayah x


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