A Night for Green Beauty & My Wish List

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What you are about to read is an extremely gushy post about a thing that is happening sometime in the future. This post may also contain too many exclamation marks for it to be comfortably read. So proceed and read with extreme caution.


Fellow green beauties,

If you have been keeping an eye on twitter and various other social media platforms, you might know that something amazing is happening on September 4th in New York City! The Chalkboard, La Bella Figura, and brands like May Lindstrom Skin, Olie Biologique, Revolution Organics, Ilia Beauty, Kahina Giving Beauty (and many many others in a list that gave me shivers of excitement when I read it) are having a natural beauty shopping event that will probably make all the other New York Fashion Week events seem like lukewarm attempts to be awesome.

Click on this to see the official post on A Night For Green Beauty!!

I am equal parts excited and guilty that I have so many natural skincare goodies I am lusting for on my A Night for Green Beauty wish list. But, I am compelled with share my list with you so you can geek out with me!

1. Olie Biologique: 100% USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil

Oh Olie! How do I love thee? I have been counting the ways since I fell in love with my Huile Radicale 005 Rejuvenating Oil sample that I received a long time ago. And since I just used up the last drops of my purelement naturals Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer, I really need another bottle of trusty organic argan oil by my side. And let’s be honest, I have to turn to Olie for my argan oil needs.

2. May Lindstrom Skin: The Clean Dirt

I love love dry masks/exfoliants that you can rub in your hands with some water or other liquids to put on your face. I’ve been obsessively reading all the reviews I can find on The Clean Dirt and I am in love. It has such great ingredients and the packaging is so gorgeous!

3. S.W. Basics of Brooklyn: Exfoliant

The S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Exfoliant single-handedly saved my skin in graduate school. I received this holy grail of an exfoliant right around the time I had to write my thesis and the organic oat flour did wonders in calming down my awful broken-out skin. And the Maine sea salt crystals provided a very welcome scrubbing action and afterwards, I could not stop touching my baby soft face.

4. Ilia Beauty: Tinted Lip Conditioner in Crimson & Clover

I can’t believe it took me so long to get my hands on an Ilia Beauty lip product. And that it took me so long to declare I will get my hands on one!

Ducks the virtual tomatoes you are probably throwing at me.

Wipes off tomatoes.

I’ve decided to get the Crimson & Clover shade (with Bang Bang as a backup) because it’s a gorgeous reddish shade. I’m not a lipstick person at all but I love tinted lip conditioners that give me a light wash of red!

5. La Bella Figura: Bio Active Healing Mask

It’s a fact, that La Bella Figura makes life-changing facial oil serums. However, they also make masks with raw manuka honey (the best kind of honey to put on your face) and this Bio Active Healing mask is perfect for my irritated dry skin.


Q. How many of you green beauty enthusiasts will be in NYC for this amazing event? Let me know! And especially let me know if you go and see someone that looks like me gush over everything. I’ll probably be the girl pinching herself in some odd corner.


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Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.


  1. I am in love with Crimson & Clover, was gutted that I tried a sample when there was no longer the shade, but thank goodness Ilia is bringing it back! And your wishlist is lovely, I am sure you will love them. Let us know how the Night for Green Beauty goes! Have fun!!


    • Oh asti, thank you for such a sweet comment! I hope you get to enjoy that full size Crimson & Clover now that it’s permanently back. I’ll be sure to write up a post about my Night for Green beauty experience! Thank you for stopping by!!


  2. I am incredibly green-eyed right now!! The night sounds amazing. Oh, to be in NYC. Enjoying reading your posts, look forward to hearing about how it went. (Oop, just realised it’s tonight – have fun!)


    • I wish you where there Hephzibah! It was such an exciting event and there were so many green beauty enthusiasts there. I’ll definitely put up a recap post about the event for sure!


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