Unboxed: Goodebox January

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Product: Goodebox January

Theme: Eco-sex. Curated by Stefanie Irie Weiss.

Goodebox 1 Goodebox 2

List of Products:

1) Blossom Organics: Natural Moisturizing Lubricant & Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel

2) Vapour Organic Beauty: Trick Stick Highlighter

3) Erbaviva: Relax Spray

4) John Masters Organics: Blood Orange & Vanilla Bodywash

5) Metropolis Soap Co.: Lavender Whipped Shea Butter

6) Persephenie: Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil

7) Sir Richard’s Condom Company: Pleasure Dots Condom (2)

Boy, did this month’s box made me blush when I opened it! However, I did have mixed-feelings about this box because there was less skincare products than I really wanted. This box was all about Valentines’ Day and eco-sex items, hence the condoms and lubricants. I stared at the condoms for a very very long time. I do understand that this box might be more pleasing for those who like “adult” items.

I loved the John Masters Organics body wash, Erbaviva Relax Spray, Persephenie Body Oil samples, and I wish there were more samples like those. Also, yay for the Lavender Whipped Shea Butter from Metropolis Soap Co.! I’m a firm believer in never having enough whipped shea butter samples. I have been meaning to get some John Masters Organics and Erbaviva products to try out so I’m glad I got it in this Goodebox.

The most disappointing sample is the Vapour Organic Beauty Trick Stick Highlighter sample, because the sample was just a tiny sliver of product, barely enough to use for one time.

Goodebox January is one of my least favorite boxes out of all the boxes I received but I’m still sticking with Goodebox until the very end. I’m really hoping Goodebox February is a much better box with more skincare items.

Goodebox is a $16 per month beauty subscription. You can purchase a subscription at www.goodebox.com

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