JustNeem: Organic Green Tea Soap Review

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Product: JustNeem Organic Green Tea Soap, 4.2 oz. bar.

JustNeem Soap 2

JustNeem Soap 1

JustNeem Soap 3

Ingredients: Certified Organic Palm and Coconut Oil, Purified Water, Glycerin, Green Tea Extract, Neem Leaves, Milk, Vitamin E, Sorbitol, Iron Oxide, Essential and Fragrance Oils

Thoughts: The JustNeem Organic Green Tea Soap has been a staple in my bathroom for a long time now and I’m happy to say that I fell in love with it’s moisturizing and aromatic qualities! Right off the bat, the smell of sweet green tea and a herbal, grass-like smell wafts through the plastic wrapper of the soap. Being a huge fan of green tea and the popular Neem oil, I was so happy to try out the soap!

The texture of the soap literally transforms when you shower. When I was rubbing the soap all over my body, a smooth sheen of oils were left in its wake. I’m a huge fan of soaps without the dreaded SLS (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate) because soaps without SLS do better for moisturizing your body. The Neem soap does not leave any moisture-sucking lather at all. I equate the experience with using sugar scrubs because the essential oils of the Neem soap moisturize your skin. Also, the soap contains fine, gritty bits that provide a gentle exfoliating experience, which I really love. My skin was left baby-soft and smooth after my in-shower experience. In the end, I didn’t even have to use body lotion after my use of the JustNeem soap and the subtle scent of green tea was left on my skin.

I’m a huge fan of Organic soaps and I loved every moment of trying out the JustNeem Organic Green Tea soap. Even on a budget, I would happily pay a little more for the rewarding experience from the JustNeem organic soap line.

Retails: $5.95 at JustNeem.com. Check out their entire line of Organic Neem soaps!

Q: Have you tried JustNeem Organic soaps? Or soaps with Neem oil? Tell me about your experience!


Special Note: JustNeem has kindly sent me their Organic Green Tea Soap for review purposes. I will always disclose to you, if I purchased the items or not. I assure you I will never accept compensation or even free products in exchange for favorable reviews. I make it clear to both brands/companies and to you (my readers) that my opinions are always my own and never swayed by outside influences.

The Author

Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.


  1. Rozenn says

    Hi Marcella ,

    I have never tried the “JustNeem: Organic Green Tea Soap” but I have tried the” Nema Neem neem soap ” (savon au neem in French) and I keep a good memory of this product despite the hard water one can get in the area I live in (south of France ) .

    (sorry,it is a French site…)

    OMG,concerning SLS, I try to keep myself away from such substances as both my skin and my hair cannot stand neither sodium lauryl sulfate,nor sodium laureth sulfate .
    I have been spending years using shampoos containing SLS without being able to get an answer concerning my hair loss problem …until I switched to organic shampoos free from these substances .And now,I can keep my hair on my head (and not down in the bathtube …)

    Oh,about neem, I have tried the neem powder to strengthen the hair and I can say it works well .But I think it is better to rince the preparation before it dries on the scalp ,especially concerning people with a sensitive skin.

    Thank you again for this nice post !

    All the best



    • Rozenn,

      Oh how cool! I had no idea that there is also Neem powder available. Neem in general is quite a new ingredient in my mind and it’s not extremely popular in the US yet!

      From the site you gave me: have you tried the Huile de Neem? It seems like also a good product because it’s an oil and you can rub it into your scalp too!

      I think it’s great that you are staying away from SLS, that kind of harsh ingredient won’t help hair in the long run. What kind of organic shampoo are you using?



  2. Rozenn says

    Hi Marcella !

    Well,I haven’t tried out the neem oil yet ! I just know about the powder actually and it works quite well to me as I use it as a mask about once a week (sometimes once every two weeks when I am a little …hmmm lazy lol ) !

    About shampoos ,I use the Lavera “almond milk” (lait amande in French) by the German brand Lavera :

    I have to order in on the internet as many French brands use “amonium lauryl sulfate” which is another harsh substance my skin doesn’t like at all .Then,I could find this nice German brand with gives my hair and my scalp much more satisfaction .

    When I have the opportunity to go to Denmark to visit some of my relatives (I am not Danish by the way,I am Turkish ) I bring back some items by Urtekram which is a nice organic brand from Denmark :

    I think this brand is available on the internet but I am not certain as I have the possibility to buy the products in the stores .

    There is also Daily Organic by Allison

    Good products,nice shampoo but unfortunately,this brand is only available in Denmark .No online -store …
    There are different ranges by Allison ,some are organic,some are not,but all of them are cruelty free .

    In Turkey,we don’t have much organic brands as far as I can remember …I mean I don’t know about Turkish organic products though perhaps there are some !!!
    But people can order products from abroad on the internet .

    Perhaps you have heard about the book by Rita Stiens :

    It is a nice book in my opinion though sometimes I think being too radical can be dangerous .I mean there are harming and dangerous natural substances and some skins cannot stand them .
    I support organic cosmetics as my skin can stand them but it is not given to all the skins anyway .
    Yet,it is nice to know about the side effects some substances can create and it can help being wise before buying anything .
    I mean this book was published a few years ago and many people in Europe had switched to organic cosmetics because of the panic wave it engendered .
    And yet,some of these people were disappointed by the organic products ,essentially because of allergic reactions .

    I dont believe this book is flowless but I guess it deserves to be consulted ,just to be able to make a choice or to know if a cream deserves to be sold as expensive depending on the quality of the ingredients it contains .

    OMG I write books too it seems !!!
    And if you can understand this mumbo jumbo,It means you are very smart lol !!!

    Are there many organic brands available in the USA and do people support them ?

    Have a nice Tuesday




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