My Sponge is from Mars: Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay

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Product: Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay for Dry + Sensitive Skin

Konjac Sponge in its original packaging.

Konjac Sponge in its original packaging.

What it looks like when it's dry. It looks like a Martian rock.

What it looks like when it’s dry. It looks like a Martian rock. Alien sponge!

What it looks like when wet. Now, it just looks adorable.

What it looks like when wet and fully saturated with water. Now, the sponge just looks adorable. I may have giggled at it while I was taking this picture.

Ingredients: 100% Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay

Thoughts: For the past few weeks, I have been using my Konjac sponge with just warm water (no cleansers at all!) to wash my face day and night. The sponge is super soft when wet and you can see it becomes much bigger when fully saturated with water.

I chose the red sponge in particular because it has red clay for dry and sensitive skin. After using this sponge, my face is noticeably softer and my face feels absolutely amazing when I follow it up with a luxurious and hydrating facial balm like Badger’s Damascus Rose Beauty Balm.

As for its performance, I think it holds up really well as a product for gentle, daily exfoliation. The Konjac Sponge is not for intense exfoliation at all. Its soft and plushy body won’t let you do much rigorous scrubbing (believe me, I tried!). Another thing to note, the sponge must be replaced at least 3-4 months for a newer sponge and the time frame depends on how well you sanitize your sponge. I make sure to gently rinse it in slightly warmer water after using it on my face and hang it dry near my radiator. The brand that makes the sponge, cautions against hanging it anywhere in your bathroom. I agree, don’t hang your sponge in the bathroom! Think of all the bacteria that could get into your sponge..eurgh!

The Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay is a great sponge that will help you in your daily washing regime! I really liked my sponge and I will try to repurchase it when it needs to be swapped out for a newer sponge in 3-4 months. The Sponge is perfect for someone who needs a little bit of help or even excitement in washing their face. It’s affordable compared to the Clarisonic and it’s biodegradable too!

Purchased: $9.00 at You can also find it at


Have you tried a Konjac Sponge? How was your experience? Let me know!

The Author

Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.


  1. I just started using the Green Clay sponge this past week, and I am in love with it…not only is it so adorable, but I find it really gentle yet effective for my acne-prone skin especially in this cold, harsh winter. I use it in the morning by itself and at night after I’ve removed makeup with facial oil. Nice to see someone else enjoying the sponge as well!


    • It’s great to hear you love the green sponge Jade! I totally agree. My skin is dry but I still have acne and the soft konjac sponge is so gentle. Do you use it with a cleanser or just plain with warm water?


      • I use the sponge with just plain warm water. Before, I was using raw honey as a cleanser and I feel like that combined with the sponge might not mix too well together. Now, I’m having a bit of a play with the Dr. Alkaitis cleanser, and the directions recommend only using fingers haha, so I’m thinking I may just continue on with using the sponge with just warm water. I’m curious, have you tried using the sponge to remove makeup?


      • It’s ridiculously adorable. I love how a simple sponge can cheer me up from my day. Yes! I have tried to remove my Vapour Organic Atmosphere Luminous Foundation which has light coverage. I was surprised the sponge took off most of my foundation really easily. Being paranoid though, I followed it up with a light cleanser to be absolutely sure I got everything off.

        Let me know how it goes with the Dr. Alkaitis cleanser if you do try it with the sponge! I have this Suti UK waterless cleanser balm (that tells you to put it on skin and wipe it off with a wet cloth) that I would love to use with my sponge but I’m not sure how that will turn out.


  2. Rozenn says

    Hi !
    I have been using a konjac sponge for weeks and my skin seems to enjoy this routine .(I use it both morning and evening and I do not use makeup).
    I am very happy to read I am not the only girl using the sponge without additional cleanser. I am French and in France,it seems most of the girls use the konjac sponge as a way to get a deeper cleaning,but not as a way to stay away from harsh routines . Most of them wash their faces by using a cleanser ,and then,while their face is clean,they use the sponge as a “polishing machine”,if you know what I mean .
    Thank you for this post and for supporting the original use of the konjac sponge !
    Have a nice day !


    • Dear Rozenn,

      This is the sweetest comment I have ever received so far. Your comment literally brightened up my day!

      I am very glad to hear you use the Konjac sponge without any cleanser. My dry skin will probably not like being double cleansed because I don’t have much oiliness on my face in the first place! I agree, Ccleansing that much will irritate the skin. Wow- you are quite diligent in using the Konjac sponge both day and night. I don’t use any makeup either and I find the Konjac gives me nice gentle exfoliation when I want it.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with the sponge! I hope you stop by again.



  3. Rozenn says

    Dear Marcella ,

    Thank you very much for your kind words ! You are adorable !

    I have a thin ,dry,dehydrated and sensitive skin .I do allergic reactions in addition and this is why I needed to find a way to take care of my skin by using as less products as possible .
    When I told my friends about the way I use the konjac sponge ,they made fun of me as they all use a cleanser before polshing their skin with the sponge ,by pretending a cleanser is the only way to keep the skin clean .
    Then ,I was ashamed of my routine while I could read the konjac sponge could be used without the help from any product .
    But it seems the mass media like to praise harsh routines as I guess it helps selling many products lol ! The sad part of this is that it crates damages on the most sensitive skins (I know what I am telling about …).

    Anyway,I am very happy with my konjac sponge and thanks to your nice post,I won’t feel ashamed anymore by using the sponge …and only the sponge (and a little water of course lol !)
    I have the one which is made for babies by the way .My skin is very sensitive and I didn’t want to take risk by making the wrong choice .

    Did the konjac sponge help you getting rid of large pores ?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you



    PS : sorry for the mistakes I may make as my English is quite poor!


    • Dear Rozenn,

      I think your English is perfectly fine and I can understand you well! So don’t worry about it.

      Absolutely- do not feel ashamed about using the Konjac sponge the way you are using it. Everybody has different skin with different needs so you can’t generalize about skincare routines. Since you have very sensitive skin, the baby Konjac sponge is a good choice! I don’t have sensitive skin so I’m sticking with the Red French clay. I also thought about buying the Pink French clay one too!

      I do find that the Sponge takes away dry flaky skin. The large pores on my nose are a little less noticeable because I use the sponge to exfoliate there but I still find some pores. It’s almost impossible to banish the large pores you get but I think the Sponge makes it a little better!

      I totally agree with you. Companies generally do want you to keep on buying their products but I find myself using very little products everyday. Generally I only put about 3 products on my body a day. A facial oil, a body oil, and lipbalm! That’s it 🙂

      Since I am unfamiliar with French natural skincare, I hope you keep in touch and let me know if you find a good French organic skincare company that makes products for extremely sensitive skin like yours.



      • Rozenn says

        Hi Marcella !!!

        First of all,I hope you are doing fine !!!
        And thank you for your nice words concerning my English !!!

        About the brands and the beauty routines in general,let’s say that now,I am careful by reading the magazines praising this or that .
        I wasted so many years using the wrong products ! Even anti wrinkle creams to get rid of teh wrinkles …I don’t have yet !!!
        I think my sensitive skin is the result of the harsh routines which have been mine for years and not because of anything dealing with a genetic problem of sensitivity . In a way,I used to be my own “tormentor” lol !

        About the French organic brands,some are good,some are bad but it is essentially a matter of skin I guess . What works for Mrs A won’t work for Mrs B .

        Anyway,here are some links concerning the French organic brands I like the most .
        1° Aroma Zone

        this site deals with herbs,oils,essential oils and offers the possibility to create personalized products to take care of the skin and even makeup .

        2° Les Douces Angevines

        This brands is very original and nice as it deals with oils and fluids made with oils and plants . No beauty cream.Only beauty fluids and oils one can use instead of day creams or night creams .
        As they only sell water-free products,no preservative enters the list of the ingredients as it is needless .

        These are my two favourite French brands .

        Appart from this,I also enjoy some German brands such as Lavera especially concerning the shampoos .

        Concerning Lavera,I don’t appreciate all their products as some are preserved in alcohol and some can contain products I don’t support .
        This brand remains a nice one concerning this range of shampoos .

        Of course,all these brands are cruelty free as it is my priority .
        I guess I would never be able to feel beautiful by using a product which could have cost the life of an animal ! Even if I could become as pretty as Halle Berry or Cameron Diaz by using it just one time .
        But it is my point of view and one can disagree of course !

        I hope you will enjoy the sites and in case you have questions concerning some of the products,I can try to translate what is written on the sites !

        About the large pores,my skin is gradually doing better thanks to a soft routine . I guess the large pores on my skin were also the consequence of my previous mistakes .

        Have a splendid Tuesday !

        All the best



  4. Rozenn says

    Hi Marcella ,

    I have forgotten to tell you about the products I use in each brand !

    Concerning Aroma Zone, I like the “Cream n°2 “.
    It is a cream you can use both morning and night,with or without esssential oils in addition . It is very soft,creamy,neither too thick nor too runny ,and it is definitely not expensive as you can get 100 ml (2.14 oz) for 8.50 euros (less than 12 dollars ) .

    I also enjoy the sulfated castor oil ::

    The sulfated castor oil, castor oil sometimes called sulfonated or “Turkey red oil” is oil soluble, that is to say, it dissolves completely in water. This makes it an ingredient for making “micellar water” or formulas to enhance your shower gels and shampoos oil. It also helps to disperse essential oils and other vegetable oils in water, so it is very useful to make bath oils.
    Then ,don’t use it to massage your hair as in this case,you would need the ordinary castor oil .But if you want to create your own make up remover by using gentle products,this oil is really helpful .As long as you enjoy preparing your own cosmetics of course .

    And about Les Douces Angevines , I like the “Flamenca beauty fluid” :

    This is a fluid which rather looks like an oil actually . It is formulated to sooth the sensitive skin dealing with redness ,flushing and to bring comfort to dry skins . You are not supposed to use a day or a night cream in more but if you feel more comfortable by using a cream in addition,of course,you can .In this case,you would just have to consider such fluids as serums .
    It can seem a little expensive but considering you would only need 2 or 3 drops of the fluid to treat both face and neck,in the end,the bottle will last you for months and the price remains acceptable in the end .

    There are some other French organic brands of course but I don’t know much about them as I use to go on with the routines and the products that work for me .
    I mean that as I have to manage allergic reaction, I cannot take the risk trying out many products like many girls do .

    Anyway,I can mention Cattier and especially its body milk and its toothpaste:

    And here are some links to some other French organic brands I have heard about :

    I hope all this will help !!!

    All the best



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