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The amazing Nicole of EcoChicBeautyDiva will forever be my blogging soul-sister. Our tastes in natural and green products are really similar so one day we thought of doing a swap with each other! Plus I could finally get her some goodies that are quite hard to get in Canada.

So without further ado, here are the things I got from her:

Left: Honey I Washed the Kids Soap. Right: Mange Too Massage Bar

Swap 2

From Left to Right: Sukin Organics Cream Cleanser, Sukin Organics Protein Hair Treatment, Pure Anada Vanilla Bean Lip Balm, Pacifica Perfume Roll-On in Indian Coconut Nectar, Andalou Naturals Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask, Mary Ginseng House Samples

List of Products:

1) Lush: Honey I Washed the Kids Bar Soap

2) Lush: Mange Too Massage Body Bar

3) Sukin Organics: Protein Hair Treatment

4) Sukin Organics: Cream Cleanser

5) Pure Anada: Vanilla Bean Lip Balm

6) Pacifica: Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume Roll-On

7) Andalou Naturals: Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask

8) Mary Ginseng House: Sample goody bag


Nicole chose an amazing set of products that really fit my skin and even hair type.  I was the most excited to get the Sukin Organics products. I have never seen this brand in my local Whole Foods in both New York and Chicago and I would have to get it online if it wasn’t for her! Nicole has done a review on the Sukin Protein Hair Treatment so click on the nifty link and check it out! I’m expecting it to be really conditioning for my dehydrated coarse hair. And I’m equally excited for Cream Cleanser because of my dry facial skin-type.

The Honey I Washed My Kids Soap smells soooo good. It’s my favorite lush soap out of all the ones I offer. I’m so weak against the smell of honey products! The Mange Too Massage Bar is great too- it has a really strong fragrance but I find it melts really easy on my hands if I warm it up and it’s great as a solid body butter.

From the awesome Vanilla Bean Lip Balm to the Coconut perfume roll-on (the smell is so good!), to the Ginseng samples, the Andalou Naturals Cocoa Mask (looks like chocolate frosting!) I loved everything Nicole sent me.

Thank you so much Nicole! I hope we do more fun swaps in the future!


Special Note: Nicole and I agreed on a budget of around $50 (on our respective currencies) and I believe we managed to stick to that goal pretty well!


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