Unboxed: Goodebox November

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Caution: My hands are always slightly shaking with excitement as I type up my review of Goodebox. So this review post might contain lots of exclamation points and really rambling thoughts.

This month’s November box is curated by Anna Getty who blogs about ‘healthy and holistic choices’ for mothers-to-be. This box however, focuses on holiday gifts and goodies so the timing was perfect! I was really pleased to see that all of the products she has featured are affordably priced. It’s definitely a plus for mothers or mothers-to-be and even the budget-conscious consumer.

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1. Pure Matters: Green Tea Extract capsules (4 capsules)

I’m very iffy on taking supplements that are not prescribed by medical professionals. I think other people might be pleased to find these Green Tea extract capsules, but I found myself scratching my head. I think I’ll pass on trying these out however. I rather have a real cup of green tea to drink.

Full Size Price: $14.95 for 60 capsules

2. Simple Sugars: Cranberry Body Scrub (2 oz.)

This delightfully pink body scrub is everything about holidays in scrub-form. I feel as if elves from Simple Sugars are working behind the scenes to make this product. I have opened the top of the scrub to smell it approximately 10 times and rubbed it into my hands before writing this review. That’s how great it smells. It doesn’t exactly scream cranberry fragrance to me, but it smells like strawberry, candy canes, and everything nice. Also, I loved how putting on the scrub in the bath left my entire bathroom smelling like a candy shop!

Full Size Price: $15.95 for 8 oz. size

3. Pacifica: Color Quench Lip Tint (.25 oz) FULL SIZE

I really appreciate getting lipcare/makeup products in full sizes so I was thrilled to see the Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in my box. It just seems better than digging your fingers into sample containers (see October’s box). The Blood Orange shade is a very flattering shade for me. After putting it on my lips, it’s more of a sheer tint. It leaves a slight glossiness and sparkle that makes you think, nice! I only wish the lip tint was more of a “quench” like it says it would be. The product’s texture is a bit stiff and not very creamy.

Full Size Price: $9.00

4. Tay Skincare: All Purpose Shea Butter

I remember reading about Tay’s 100% bamboo packaging and ooh-ed and aah-ed at them. Even their samples come in bamboo! The All Purpose Shea Butter is a solid balm and smells like rosemary and mint. I found myself needing to warm it up between my hands to get the butter to hydrate my skin. I really liked this product and was only disappointed it came in such a small sample size.

Full Size Price: $28.00

5. Sweet Libertine Cosmetics: Mineral Eyeshadow in Viva La Diva

What am I to do with all these eyeshadow samples I have accumulated from here and there? One day, I’m going to put them all in a bag and give them away! However, I will note that Viva La Diva is a very nice and flattering pinkish mauve shade.

Full Size Price: $6.00

6. Original Moxie: Everyday Leave-in Detangling Conditioner (1 fl. oz) &

7. Original Moxie: Emollience Penetrating Moisture (0.5 fl. oz)

I’m won over by Original Moxie’s hair care philosophy. These products show that great haircare products don’t have to be chock full of preservatives or sulfates to work well. These two samples were great for my severely dehydrated, dry hair and I particularly loved the Emollience Penetrating Moisture. It was thick and creamy and I found that it worked well being left on my dry hair for a couple of hours before washing.

Full Size Price: $17.00 for Conditioner, $16.00 for Emollience


This is my second Goodebox and if the selections for future Goodeboxes are similar to this one, then it’s safe to say I’ll stick with Goodebox for a long time! This month has a mix of familiar brands (Tay and Pacifica) with brands I have never heard of before. I was extremely pleased to find that all the products featured are very affordable. I was only a teensy bit disappointed that I got such a small Tay sample because I have been following them for a long time. Still, I’m glad I got a chance to try out their Shea Butter.

I was the most impressed with Original Moxie’s Emollience Penetrating Moisture and Simple Sugars Cranberry Body Scrub. I love hair butters and my dehydrated, coarse hair drank up the nourishing oils of the Emollience Penetrating Moisture.

I also don’t think I can stop gushing about that Cranberry Body Scrub- the sweet, holiday-inspired fragrance and fun appearance sold me on that product. I think I’ll even take the jump to buy the full size so I can indulge on non-holiday months.

Aside from the iffy Green Tea capsule supplements, I think Goodebox offers the most compelling and satisfactory selection out of all the other natural monthly box subscriptions. I’m very happy this month and I’ll continue to look forward to my future Goodeboxes.

Purchased: Goodebox is a $16/month subscription.


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