Goodebox October: Unboxed

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Well, I got a Goodebox earlier than I expected! I was lucky enough to snag one even though I signed up past the deadline for the October box. Oh boy, am I glad I managed to do that.

The October box’s theme is focused on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A lot of people have been bombarded with images of Pink Ribbons that scream “buy me” this month when the products themselves contain less than good for you ingredients. It’s great that Todra Payne, green celebrity makeup artist and this month’s box curator chose “think pink” items that contain natural ingredients.

This post is just an “unboxing” where I show you what I got. But don’t worry, if you really want to know how I thought of each product, please drop me a comment in this post and I’ll do my best to let you know.

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1. Anatomy Naturals: Revitalizing Dead Sea Mud Mask (Sample Value: $5.25. Full size: $42)

Description: A refreshing, nutrient-dense, anti-aging treatment made with mineral rich Dead Sea mud. Hydrates & purifies skin while healing acne, promoting circulation, rejuvenating skin & reducing wrinkles for smooth, youthful, radiant skin! (Vegan)

It definitely smells like a mud mask! There’s enough product for one time only and I think I’ll save it for weekends when I feel like walking around my apartment like a zombie.

2. Clairvoyant Beauty: Nourishing Meadowfoam Serum 1 oz/30 ml (FULL SIZE PRODUCT $69 USD)

Description: An emergency serum for super stressed skin in need of an immediate detoxifying boost. Multiple fruit acids blend gently removes dead surface cells and goes deep to nourish develop cells for fast recovery and repair. (Vegan)

While I knew Goodeboxe was not one of those beauty subscription boxes that usually contain full size products, I was blown away when I saw this full sized product in the box. And it retails for $69 USD. Which makes the value of this box already way over the $16 dollars that I paid for. I may have ripped the top of the box because I was just so excited.

3. Eve Organics Beauty: Lip Plumper and Lip Gloss (Sample. Full size: $15.95)

Lip Plumper Description: An all natural, sheer & glosy pout plumper with coconut oil  & hyaluronic acid to attract & retain moisture for maximum volume. Contains beeswax

Lip Gloss Description: A high shine, very moisturizing, non-sticky sheer color kick to be worn alone or over a deeper shade for added shine. Lip Gloss is lighter weight with easy glide on. Lip Gloss has more pigment than Lip Glaze. (Vegan)

Meh. I know I’ll end up getting makeup products in my box and that’s not a big deal for me. I’m not much of a makeup wearer and I think this will end up in the stash of natural makeup products I have accumulated but never used.

4. Savvy Boheme: Summer in Spain Whipped Cocoa Butter, 1 oz/ 30 ml. (Sample Value: $4. Full size: $14.50)

Description: Exotic blend of organic cocoa and shea butters provide deep nourishment toskin and ignites a sense of wanderlust. It’ll take you away! (Vegan)

I giggled when I saw this whipped cocoa butter. It smells like an orange creamsicle or orange soda, but looks like a fluffy cloud. I think I’ll have a blast putting this on my body.

5. Sugared Beauty: Happy Face Deluxe Foaming Scrub Cleanser, 20 ml (Sample Value: $5. Full size: $10-$20)

Description: Happy Face is Sugared Beauty’s best selling all-in-one face cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer. The original formula is designed for sensitive skin. (Vegan)

It’s so shiny..the sparkly sugar crystals are calling my name. I wonder how it foams up though. When I pressed my finger into the product, it’s quite hard and compact.

6. Celtic Complexion: Celtic Complexion Creme, .5 oz (Sample Value: $10.50. Full size: $52)

Description: A luxuriously rich hand blended moisturizer for dry skin. Made with essential fatty acids, pure essential oils and vital nutrients. Concentrated formula imparts a velvet, radiant finish to the skin. (Vegan)

This sample came with the cutest little spatula to dig out the complexion creme. It’s such a thoughtful touch! I don’t have to dig any dirty fingers into it.


I was stunned at the amazing the selection of skincare goods that were in my box. When filling out the membership questionnaire, I put down I wanted more skincare items than makeup. I ended up getting 2 little samples of lip gloss but I’m so happy with all of the skincare products I got. I definitely see myself trying out all the samples because I feel like I got products that would be great for my skin. I figure the small samples get 1-2 uses out of them, and the medium/large samples I can use at least 2-3 times.

As for the value of the box (and taking into my account my terrible math skills), the Clairvoyant Beauty Nourishing Meadowfoam Facial Serum already took it past the $16 I paid for. The total value of the box comes out to be $93.75. I didn’t know how to figure in the sample price of the lip glosses but I guess everything really adds up to $95 dollars. I think this is a very rare event so don’t be hasty to jump into a membership thinking you’ll see full-sized products all the time. Even without the facial serum though, the value of the samples still make up the money I paid for.

Almost all of the brands I have heard before but I never made the jump to try out their products. I think I’m being taken out of my comfort zone by trying out new and different brands. I like it! And I can’t wait for my next Goodebox.


$16 USD per month subscription

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  1. I also get Goodebox and thought this was one of the best boxes they’ve had yet…except for the Calirvoyant Beauty Serum. If you look at the ingredients, the third ingredient is propylene glycol. I wonder why this was included in the box? Propylene glycol is not a natural ingredient and is something I usually avoid. Kinda baffling…


    • ecobeaut says

      Wow Robin! Thanks for letting me know. I completely read over that ingredient because I was excited it was a full-sized product. I think it would be a good idea to reach out to Clairvoyant Beauty and ask them why they included it in the ingredients if it’s not natural. Propylene glycol is one of those ingredients that studies have assured that it’s okay in small concentrations, especially in personal care products, but if you are wary of it..definitely try to avoid this Beauty Serum like you said.


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