Introducing: Intrinsic Organics. Natural, Organic, and Homemade.

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I’m glad to feature Intrinsic Organics for those of you are passionate about supporting companies that are small, family-based and produce beauty products made by their own hands.

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Kelly and Mike of Intrinsic Organics created a line of body and facial care products free from preservatives, chemicals, and without animal-testing. I believe they have the best range of body-care goods I have seen from a homemade brand. From sugar scrubs to body butter, there are amazing fragrances like Clary Sage and Summer Mojito. I don’t think there is a boring product in the Intrinsic Organics line at all.

Products: Ylang Ylang Vanilla Vegan Sugar Scrub (Body) 8 oz./ 236 ml. and Facial Moisturizing Serum 1 oz./ 29 ml.

From Left to Right: Ylang Ylang Vanilla Vegan Sugar Scrub and Facial Moisturizing Serum

Ylang Ylang Vanilla Vegan Sugar Scrub uncapped.

Ring of oils left behind from the Sugar Scrub! Dun dun dunnn…

Facial Moisturizing Serum

Facial Moisturizing Serum in the dropper. I really like the golden color.

Ylang Ylang Vanilla Vegan Sugar Scrub Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oil Blend

Facial Moisturizing Serum Ingredients: Organic Argan Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils


Ylang Ylang Vanilla Vegan Sugar Scrub– While I was initially disappointed when my sugar scrub came to me leaking its precious oils everywhere, I got over it pretty soon when I was slathering it all over in the shower. Okay, now I understand why people go cuckoo over sugar scrubs. When I was digging the container for a scoop of the scrub and rubbing in on my skin, I felt the essential oils soaking everywhere. It left the skin on my body so silky, I didn’t need to moisturize after! It also gave me the best in-shower therapy. The fragrance of the scrub is amazing. Earthy and herbal from the essential oil blend. It was not quite saturated with Ylang Ylang fragrance, but a mixture of whatever oils in the essential oil blend. I really would like to know what essential oils were in the blend, mostly because it would be better for those who might be allergic to certain essential oils. Intrinsic Organics doesn’t have a list of the essential oils listed in the product pages of the website.

Facial Moisturizing Serum– This facial serum is quite nice. It has a list of very simple ingredient list and I find that the Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil stands out the most. For my dry skin, it sank in really easily and I wish it was more hydrating actually. For those with normal/oily skins, this would be a perfect facial moisturizing serum. It’s a very light facial serum that might be too light for those with severely dehydrated or dry skin. But I’m happy with it because I could mix the serum with some of my heavier facial serums that I already have. And again, I don’t know what exactly is the other Essential oils that are in this serum.

In conclusion, I thought the Sugar Scrub was the BEST sugar scrub I have ever tried. I know I’m not exactly a sugar scrub expert, but I had an amazing experience with the scrub. I am keeping the Ylang Ylang Vanilla Vegan Scrub permanently next to my bathtub. And they have 9 more amazing scrubs to choose from on their website if you are not keen on Ylang Ylang Vanilla. Intrinsic Organics’ products come in great recyclable amber PET jars and priced very affordably. The only thing I would like to see more from Intrinsic Organics is more transparency with their essential oil blend. What exactly goes in there?


*Special Note: Both the Body Scrub and the Facial Moisturizing Serum were sent to me by the company and I did not purchase them with my own money. Both products retail for $15 USD on the Intrinsic Organics website. I will always disclose to you, if I purchased the items or not. I assure you I will never accept compensation or even free products in exchange for favorable reviews. I make it clear to both brands/companies and to you (my readers) that my opinions are always my own.


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