My Central New York Vacation: Skaneateles, Lake Ontario, and gaining absolutely no tans

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Ahhhhhh, I had an amazing time visiting my friend’s hometown in Central New York. She lives in Skaneateles, a small residential area that is close to the city of Syracuse. I had such a great time, I really didn’t want to leave! I was so tempted to wave my Greyhound bus away and just camp out at the lake forever.

I had to thank my friend profusely for letting me stay with her and showing me around. After our university graduation, we still kept in touch but I simply missed being in her company! We even had the opportunity to invite our other university friend up to hang out and we had such a blast. Somehow, girl talk over the internet doesn’t cut it in the face of real-life conversation.

Skaneateles Lake

*gasps* It’s moi! And I’m posing so prettily near the Skaneateles Nature Trail too!

I spent about two and a half days camping out at the Westcott Beach State Park, located on Lake Ontario. It’s an absolutely gorgeous lake. At first I wary of camping out in the outdoors (bugs, bugs, ugh so many bugs), but the view and environment won me over. Having been a serial visitor (victim?) of the crowds and sometimes scarily rough waters of Jones Beach in Long Island, I was so surprised to experience a lake beach. The sand is much finer and the water is much cleaner. I didn’t have to worry about stepping on crabs, clam shells, or jellyfish. There is simply smooth grey pebbles and water so clear, you can see your own body floating in it!

Westcott Beach State Park and Lake Ontario

And you know, because this is primarily a beauty-centric blog, I can’t stop gushing about how amazing my skin looked after my trip. My mom kept on telling me my skin looked great and that I didn’t seem to have as much acne as I did before. After squinting at my mirror, I realized I did have less acne! I kept my skincare routine bare-boned because of the lack of full bathrooms while camping, and only used my Alba Botanica facial wipes, sunscreen, and Origins facial moisturizers. But I really think the reason for my great skin was the clean water and unpolluted air of the lake area.

When I stepped off that Greyhound bus and waited for my family to pick me off the curb of Port Authority, I did breathe in a great lungful of smog, engine exhaust fumes, mystery meat stench from the carts, and wistfully thought of Lake Ontario.

Whew, I think I need another vacation already!

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