Time to step back and smell the Jasmine flowers

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I hardly ever wear perfume on myself but I love being able to smell the fragrance of freshly picked flowers.

I have amazing childhood memories of this enormous Jasmine shrub in my backyard that used to produce endless amounts of Jasmine flowers. It was absolutely fun to just take some flowers to leave it on the table because only a couple of flowers managed to perfume the whole room!

Handpicked Jasmine Flowers from the garden!

Jasmine flowers are really delicate and see these fresh white bunches? They only last about a day before they wilt and turn purple! I love them for being fleeting little treasures because they have the ability to brighten up my day no matter what.

Do you have any flowers that you absolutely love to smell?

Or do you prefer your perfumes to deliver the fragrance?

Please share your thoughts with me!

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Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.

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