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I’d like to take a step back from the flurry of review posts I’ve been putting up. Though there is still lots to come, I promise! So I’d like to talk about the places where I get my natural beauty goods. Personally, I find myself limited by budget means primarily but I think it has been easier to purchase natural beauty goods because stores are stocking them more frequently. I live in New York City and there are always tons of eccentric little boutiques that sell hard to find natural goods. However, I can’t really drop hundreds of dollars on boutique items (you know, not yet anyway) because I’m on a student budget.

Stores that I end up frequenting the most are Target, Whole Foods, and Fairway Market because they stock many different kinds of natural beauty goods in one single place. And because they are bigger companies, they’re able to accept coupons and discounts more readily than smaller businesses. I do understand it’s absolutely important to support smaller businesses who find it hard to compete against mega-stores like Whole Foods, so if you have the means to give your business to smaller brands, go forth and do so!

Target: Target is the most logical choice for many who don’t live in big cities and their many varied locations is actually a plus if you contemplate their decent natural beauty selection. Target is an excellent place to find affordable brands such as EcoTools, C.O. Bigelow, Desert Essence, Burt’s Bees, Alba, Avalon Organics, and Yes to Carrots. As for myself, I found items in Target that led me to dip my toes into a bigger pool of natural beauty goods so I have fond thoughts about Target.

Whole Foods: Somehow Whole Foods has turned into a franchise of Starbucks-like proportions, especially in New York City. There is one in almost every neighborhood in Manhattan and they stock everything from Burt’s Bees to higher-end (read: pricier) options such as Pangea Organics and John Masters Organics. Honestly, I think Whole Foods has one of the best selection of natural beauty goods. I purchased my Kiss My Face and Alba Botanica sunscreens that I reviewed here because they were sold at much cheaper prices compared elsewhere. Whole Foods Chelsea has a separate shop called Whole Body that is simply amazing. You can stop here solely for beauty, health care, and wellness products without being distracted by food items.

Fairway Market: Fairway Market’s selection of beauty goods is smaller compared to Whole Foods and stock them at higher prices because they have less franchises than Whole Foods. However, I did see a good selection of natural beauty goods at the Fairway Red Hook location. Fairway stocks brands like Nubian Heritage, John Master Organics, and Badger (known for their natural sunscreen). If I see a good bargain while I’m at Fairway I don’t hesitate to snatch it up but generally their products are stocked at least $3-4 dollars more than Whole Foods.

I like being able to touch and see my products at stores and also smell them. I once thought about buying a particular item but smelling at the store made me change my mind fast! I don’t usually shop online because high shipping prices and minimums turn me off so it’s possible I’m limited to a smaller selection of goods. I hope when I relocate to Chicago this fall I get to find more places where I can purchase natural beauty products.

I always love hearing about how people get their natural beauty goods so talk to me!

Where do you purchase your natural beauty products and why?


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