Philosophical Beauty Manifesto

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Hello all! My blog was born out of frustration- namely the frustration that I had at the lack of reviews on affordable natural beauty products on the web. I wanted to create a carefree blog that concentrated on budget-friendly (grad student here, ahem!) natural beauty products. I just wanted to outline a few things about my blog for anyone who is concerned about my beauty philosophy as it affects the view of this blog. As a Manifesto, it can be amended, and will be ever-changing- just like me and you!

I. On Beauty

a. I get my beauty inspirations from my mom, who believed beauty is always what you have and what is natural. We indulge in beauty-enhancing products for many various reasons but there isn’t just ONE right reason. It’s up to us to decide how beautiful we are, not society, not the web. Most importantly, these bodies are ours to cherish.

II. On Natural/Organic Beauty Products

a. I believe there are ingredients in commercial beauty products that should be always avoided, regardless of what brand they are produced under. Ingredients like parabens, pthalates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorings, sodium laurel (th) sulfates, propylene glycol/butylene glycol, and petroleum byproducts are just not acceptable to me. Some of the natural products I review are good, and even better counterparts to the chemical-laden products out there. There is proof that cosmetic companies do not need to cheapen the product with harmful ingredients, and I hope companies step up their dedication to us as consumers and human beings.

b. It’s up to you to decide which ingredients are the deal breaker in buying natural products. Not all natural products have 100% natural ingredients in them. And, not all natural products are made equally so I always take care to look at each ingredient and decide if they are suited for me.

III. On Being a Beauty Blogger

a. I love learning about how natural products are made, produced, and distributed. There is just so much story and dedication involved that warms my heart as a person. My curiosity has led me to create a blog that really holds all the crazy musings I have about something and I wanted to share that with the world.



The Author

Brooklyn-based natural and organic beauty writer.

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