Unboxed: Goodebox March

Unboxed: Goodebox March

Theme: Spring makeup! And curated by green make-up expert Kristen Arnett.




List of Products:

1. Alima Pure Eyeshadows (4) in Cappuccino, Freja, Glow, and Java.

2. Alima Pure Nourishing Lip Balm in Mango (a shimmering coral-pink shade).

3. Yarok Feed Your Do. Styling Whip.

4. Savon Du Bois Handmade Goat’s Milk Soap in Rose-Geranium.

5. Bonus mini Bamboo Eyeshadow brushes (2).

Thoughts: This month’s Goodebox features a healthy dose of green and non-toxic makeup! I love the adorable mini-eyeshadow brushes that came with the Alima Pure eyeshadows even though I’m not much of an eyeshadow-wearer. However, I LOVED the Alima Pure Nourishing Lip Balm in the Mango Shade. The Alima Pure website describes it as a shimmering coral-pink shade and while I find that it doesn’t give as much color as lipstick, it’s a gorgeous shade. It’s perfect for enhancing my already rosy lips.

The Rose-Geranium Goat’s Milk Soap from Savon Du Bois has a very strong floral fragrance which is not my favorite kind of fragrance. It’s a bit cloying but I’ll leave it in my bathroom in hopes that it will make the room smell a bit better.

I’m excited for Yarok’s Styling Whip. I have never tried any of Yarok’s hair products but I have heard really good things about it.

I enjoyed this month’s box. I have been whipping out the Alima Pure Nourishing Lip Balm when I want some tinted color action with my lipbalm and I’m sold on how good it feels on my lips!

Purchased: Goodebox is a $16 USD per month beauty box subscription. You can purchase a subscription at


Unboxed: Goodebox January

Product: Goodebox January

Theme: Eco-sex. Curated by Stefanie Irie Weiss.

Goodebox 1 Goodebox 2

List of Products:

1) Blossom Organics: Natural Moisturizing Lubricant & Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel

2) Vapour Organic Beauty: Trick Stick Highlighter

3) Erbaviva: Relax Spray

4) John Masters Organics: Blood Orange & Vanilla Bodywash

5) Metropolis Soap Co.: Lavender Whipped Shea Butter

6) Persephenie: Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil

7) Sir Richard’s Condom Company: Pleasure Dots Condom (2)

Boy, did this month’s box made me blush when I opened it! However, I did have mixed-feelings about this box because there was less skincare products than I really wanted. This box was all about Valentines’ Day and eco-sex items, hence the condoms and lubricants. I stared at the condoms for a very very long time. I do understand that this box might be more pleasing for those who like “adult” items.

I loved the John Masters Organics body wash, Erbaviva Relax Spray, Persephenie Body Oil samples, and I wish there were more samples like those. Also, yay for the Lavender Whipped Shea Butter from Metropolis Soap Co.! I’m a firm believer in never having enough whipped shea butter samples. I have been meaning to get some John Masters Organics and Erbaviva products to try out so I’m glad I got it in this Goodebox.

The most disappointing sample is the Vapour Organic Beauty Trick Stick Highlighter sample, because the sample was just a tiny sliver of product, barely enough to use for one time.

Goodebox January is one of my least favorite boxes out of all the boxes I received but I’m still sticking with Goodebox until the very end. I’m really hoping Goodebox February is a much better box with more skincare items.

Goodebox is a $16 per month beauty subscription. You can purchase a subscription at


Unboxed: Goodebox December

Goodebox December is curated by Sophie Uliano! She is a constant twitter presence and an eco-expert with several published books on natural and eco-beauty. The theme this month is anti-aging! The theme doesn’t really resonate with me (at my age) but I was decently pleased with the selection of products in the box.

Take a look below!

December Goodebox 1

December Goodebox curated by Sophie Uliano!

December Goodebox 2

December Goodebox unboxed!


1. bEST hAIR tIES eVER: Hair Tie in Cocoa (?) color

I was really surprised when I saw this hair tie. I have never owned an eco-friendly hair tie but now I do! It’s made out of super soft fabric so I do wonder how long it will last with daily use but because it’s so soft, it doesn’t snag on hair. Neat!

2. Blissoma Solutions: Amend Facial Solar Repair Anti-Aging Serum

The Amend Facial Solar Repair Anti-Aging Serum is chock-full of anti-aging ingredients like Coenzyme Q10, Acai, and Cranberry. The ingredients list is really impressive! The serum is thick and yellow-ish. I was at first turned off by its gloopy and yellow texture but it doesn’t have much of a strong fragrance. Hmm, weird and interesting at the same time. I think I’ll take the plunge and try it when when my face needs a boost from those anti-aging ingredients!

3. Essence of Vali: Sleep Concentrate

The Essence of Vali Sleep Concentrate smells amazing! I tested it out the day I got it when I was ready to go to sleep for the night. The Lavender and Cedarwood notes stood out the strongest to me and though it didn’t really help me sleep (I have no problems with sleeping at all!), the Sleep Concentrate smells really good! I think I’ll keep this sample to smell and maybe even use to perfume my room.

4. Furlesse: 11′s (Frown Line Reducing) Patches

I think I’ll pass on using these patches, seeing as I have no frown lines, but maybe I can give these to my mom?

5. Me & The Girls: Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar

I initially thought this was a lip balm which got me all excited but when I discovered it was a multi-use beauty bar I was even more thrilled. It has cupuacu seed butter and tamanu oil in the ingredient list! The Beauty Bar has a variety of ways it could be used, from a spot primer to a cleaner and even just being a moisturizer for the rest of the body. I am definitely going to experiment and see if it really is a multi-use beauty bar.

6. Suntegrity “5 in 1″ Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, SPF 30 in Light shade

Yes! I’ve been wanting to try Suntegrity’s tinted face sunscreen/moisturizer for a long time. I can’t wait to test it out on a day when it’s sunny. Chicago has been miserably cloudy and dark so I will need to wait until I can actually use it.

7. Tilvee: Pomegranate & Acai Rejuvenating Mask

The mask was the product that surprised me the most. It’s in a pink and powder form! It made me laugh because I have never seen a mask in this color before. The card that came with the product recommended the powder to be mixed with either yogurt, smoothies, or argan oil. I was scratching my head but then had an aha! moment when I realized I did have a bottle of Argan Oil I can mix the powder with. Yes!


I really liked December’s box. It reminded me of why I signed up for Goodebox- the amount of skincare products I got made me really pleased! I can’t wait to try out the Pomegranate & Acai Rejuvenating Mask, Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar, and the Suntegrity Sunscreen. Those three samples stood out to me the most in the box.

I didn’t really like the Frown-line reducing patches and they made me think about those odd Green Tea capsules that were featured in the November box. However, I brushed it off. It was only one sample that I didn’t like but I had 6 others that made me really happy.

December’s Goodebox was a great box to end with the current year and I’m really looking forward to January’s Goodebox. Hopefully there are products in the box that I have never tried before. I’m definitely going to need some pampering skincare products so I can look my best for the New Year!

Purchased: Goodebox is a $16 a month beauty subscription. The subscription can be purchased at their website here:

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Unboxed: Goodebox November

Caution: My hands are always slightly shaking with excitement as I type up my review of Goodebox. So this review post might contain lots of exclamation points and really rambling thoughts.

This month’s November box is curated by Anna Getty who blogs about ‘healthy and holistic choices’ for mothers-to-be. This box however, focuses on holiday gifts and goodies so the timing was perfect! I was really pleased to see that all of the products she has featured are affordably priced. It’s definitely a plus for mothers or mothers-to-be and even the budget-conscious consumer.

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1. Pure Matters: Green Tea Extract capsules (4 capsules)

I’m very iffy on taking supplements that are not prescribed by medical professionals. I think other people might be pleased to find these Green Tea extract capsules, but I found myself scratching my head. I think I’ll pass on trying these out however. I rather have a real cup of green tea to drink.

Full Size Price: $14.95 for 60 capsules

2. Simple Sugars: Cranberry Body Scrub (2 oz.)

This delightfully pink body scrub is everything about holidays in scrub-form. I feel as if elves from Simple Sugars are working behind the scenes to make this product. I have opened the top of the scrub to smell it approximately 10 times and rubbed it into my hands before writing this review. That’s how great it smells. It doesn’t exactly scream cranberry fragrance to me, but it smells like strawberry, candy canes, and everything nice. Also, I loved how putting on the scrub in the bath left my entire bathroom smelling like a candy shop!

Full Size Price: $15.95 for 8 oz. size

3. Pacifica: Color Quench Lip Tint (.25 oz) FULL SIZE

I really appreciate getting lipcare/makeup products in full sizes so I was thrilled to see the Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in my box. It just seems better than digging your fingers into sample containers (see October’s box). The Blood Orange shade is a very flattering shade for me. After putting it on my lips, it’s more of a sheer tint. It leaves a slight glossiness and sparkle that makes you think, nice! I only wish the lip tint was more of a “quench” like it says it would be. The product’s texture is a bit stiff and not very creamy.

Full Size Price: $9.00

4. Tay Skincare: All Purpose Shea Butter

I remember reading about Tay’s 100% bamboo packaging and ooh-ed and aah-ed at them. Even their samples come in bamboo! The All Purpose Shea Butter is a solid balm and smells like rosemary and mint. I found myself needing to warm it up between my hands to get the butter to hydrate my skin. I really liked this product and was only disappointed it came in such a small sample size.

Full Size Price: $28.00

5. Sweet Libertine Cosmetics: Mineral Eyeshadow in Viva La Diva

What am I to do with all these eyeshadow samples I have accumulated from here and there? One day, I’m going to put them all in a bag and give them away! However, I will note that Viva La Diva is a very nice and flattering pinkish mauve shade.

Full Size Price: $6.00

6. Original Moxie: Everyday Leave-in Detangling Conditioner (1 fl. oz) &

7. Original Moxie: Emollience Penetrating Moisture (0.5 fl. oz)

I’m won over by Original Moxie’s hair care philosophy. These products show that great haircare products don’t have to be chock full of preservatives or sulfates to work well. These two samples were great for my severely dehydrated, dry hair and I particularly loved the Emollience Penetrating Moisture. It was thick and creamy and I found that it worked well being left on my dry hair for a couple of hours before washing.

Full Size Price: $17.00 for Conditioner, $16.00 for Emollience


This is my second Goodebox and if the selections for future Goodeboxes are similar to this one, then it’s safe to say I’ll stick with Goodebox for a long time! This month has a mix of familiar brands (Tay and Pacifica) with brands I have never heard of before. I was extremely pleased to find that all the products featured are very affordable. I was only a teensy bit disappointed that I got such a small Tay sample because I have been following them for a long time. Still, I’m glad I got a chance to try out their Shea Butter.

I was the most impressed with Original Moxie’s Emollience Penetrating Moisture and Simple Sugars Cranberry Body Scrub. I love hair butters and my dehydrated, coarse hair drank up the nourishing oils of the Emollience Penetrating Moisture.

I also don’t think I can stop gushing about that Cranberry Body Scrub- the sweet, holiday-inspired fragrance and fun appearance sold me on that product. I think I’ll even take the jump to buy the full size so I can indulge on non-holiday months.

Aside from the iffy Green Tea capsule supplements, I think Goodebox offers the most compelling and satisfactory selection out of all the other natural monthly box subscriptions. I’m very happy this month and I’ll continue to look forward to my future Goodeboxes.

Purchased: Goodebox is a $16/month subscription.

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Goodebox October: Unboxed

Well, I got a Goodebox earlier than I expected! I was lucky enough to snag one even though I signed up past the deadline for the October box. Oh boy, am I glad I managed to do that.

The October box’s theme is focused on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A lot of people have been bombarded with images of Pink Ribbons that scream “buy me” this month when the products themselves contain less than good for you ingredients. It’s great that Todra Payne, green celebrity makeup artist and this month’s box curator chose “think pink” items that contain natural ingredients.

This post is just an “unboxing” where I show you what I got. But don’t worry, if you really want to know how I thought of each product, please drop me a comment in this post and I’ll do my best to let you know.

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1. Anatomy Naturals: Revitalizing Dead Sea Mud Mask (Sample Value: $5.25. Full size: $42)

Description: A refreshing, nutrient-dense, anti-aging treatment made with mineral rich Dead Sea mud. Hydrates & purifies skin while healing acne, promoting circulation, rejuvenating skin & reducing wrinkles for smooth, youthful, radiant skin! (Vegan)

It definitely smells like a mud mask! There’s enough product for one time only and I think I’ll save it for weekends when I feel like walking around my apartment like a zombie.

2. Clairvoyant Beauty: Nourishing Meadowfoam Serum 1 oz/30 ml (FULL SIZE PRODUCT $69 USD)

Description: An emergency serum for super stressed skin in need of an immediate detoxifying boost. Multiple fruit acids blend gently removes dead surface cells and goes deep to nourish develop cells for fast recovery and repair. (Vegan)

While I knew Goodeboxe was not one of those beauty subscription boxes that usually contain full size products, I was blown away when I saw this full sized product in the box. And it retails for $69 USD. Which makes the value of this box already way over the $16 dollars that I paid for. I may have ripped the top of the box because I was just so excited.

3. Eve Organics Beauty: Lip Plumper and Lip Gloss (Sample. Full size: $15.95)

Lip Plumper Description: An all natural, sheer & glosy pout plumper with coconut oil  & hyaluronic acid to attract & retain moisture for maximum volume. Contains beeswax

Lip Gloss Description: A high shine, very moisturizing, non-sticky sheer color kick to be worn alone or over a deeper shade for added shine. Lip Gloss is lighter weight with easy glide on. Lip Gloss has more pigment than Lip Glaze. (Vegan)

Meh. I know I’ll end up getting makeup products in my box and that’s not a big deal for me. I’m not much of a makeup wearer and I think this will end up in the stash of natural makeup products I have accumulated but never used.

4. Savvy Boheme: Summer in Spain Whipped Cocoa Butter, 1 oz/ 30 ml. (Sample Value: $4. Full size: $14.50)

Description: Exotic blend of organic cocoa and shea butters provide deep nourishment toskin and ignites a sense of wanderlust. It’ll take you away! (Vegan)

I giggled when I saw this whipped cocoa butter. It smells like an orange creamsicle or orange soda, but looks like a fluffy cloud. I think I’ll have a blast putting this on my body.

5. Sugared Beauty: Happy Face Deluxe Foaming Scrub Cleanser, 20 ml (Sample Value: $5. Full size: $10-$20)

Description: Happy Face is Sugared Beauty’s best selling all-in-one face cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer. The original formula is designed for sensitive skin. (Vegan)

It’s so shiny..the sparkly sugar crystals are calling my name. I wonder how it foams up though. When I pressed my finger into the product, it’s quite hard and compact.

6. Celtic Complexion: Celtic Complexion Creme, .5 oz (Sample Value: $10.50. Full size: $52)

Description: A luxuriously rich hand blended moisturizer for dry skin. Made with essential fatty acids, pure essential oils and vital nutrients. Concentrated formula imparts a velvet, radiant finish to the skin. (Vegan)

This sample came with the cutest little spatula to dig out the complexion creme. It’s such a thoughtful touch! I don’t have to dig any dirty fingers into it.


I was stunned at the amazing the selection of skincare goods that were in my box. When filling out the membership questionnaire, I put down I wanted more skincare items than makeup. I ended up getting 2 little samples of lip gloss but I’m so happy with all of the skincare products I got. I definitely see myself trying out all the samples because I feel like I got products that would be great for my skin. I figure the small samples get 1-2 uses out of them, and the medium/large samples I can use at least 2-3 times.

As for the value of the box (and taking into my account my terrible math skills), the Clairvoyant Beauty Nourishing Meadowfoam Facial Serum already took it past the $16 I paid for. The total value of the box comes out to be $93.75. I didn’t know how to figure in the sample price of the lip glosses but I guess everything really adds up to $95 dollars. I think this is a very rare event so don’t be hasty to jump into a membership thinking you’ll see full-sized products all the time. Even without the facial serum though, the value of the samples still make up the money I paid for.

Almost all of the brands I have heard before but I never made the jump to try out their products. I think I’m being taken out of my comfort zone by trying out new and different brands. I like it! And I can’t wait for my next Goodebox.


$16 USD per month subscription